Bucket List

"The Bucket List":

- Do a mud run (coming soon, but has been something I've wanted to do for a long time)
- Run a marathon out-of-state (requiring a flight)
- Leave the country
- Have a pro photography session
- Get food from one of those trendy food trucks
- Run a marathon out of the country
- Own a home
- Finish a marathon with someone
- Do a Relay for Life
- Go to Hawaii (#1 choice!) or some sort of exotic destination (e.g., Cancun)
- Go to Catalina Island
- Attend an English league (or World Cup) soccer game -- I saw Manchester United play as part of their U.S. Tour in 2014??
- Get published (this is vague... to be defined at some point)
- Go to Paris
- Get a massage at a spa
- Get married
- Go on one of those zip-line things
- Ride my bike at the beach
- Become a mom
- Make a gingerbread house or some other structure (sort of)
- Do a triathlon
- Perform with a group (dance or song)
- Get a PhD (this is the goal I fear to post the most right now!)
- Need to re-evaluate Start a career (this is vague, but what I mean is that I would like to get a full-time/permanent job)
- Eat at Kikunoi (Kyoto, Japan) -- I DID go to Japan in 2013 but did not think to eat here!

***Subject to modification***

Updated: August 2014

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