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My name is Julie, and I have lived in Southern California my entire life.  My interests include cooking+baking, writing, and fitness.  I graduated from college with a bachelor's in psychology in 2006 and received my doctorate in 2011.

I ran sprints in high school (200m and 400m were my main events, along with some of the relays) and never thought I could run more than a mile.  Lo and behold, in 2006, I ran my first race and have not left the game since.

This blog was started in 2006 in an attempt to capture my race memories in sort of a virtual "scrapbook."  Along the way, I started blogging about running gear, restaurants, and pretty much everything that has become a part of my life since picking up "a case of the runs."

Disclaimer: Please use your own discretion as you read any health advice given here, as the material on this blog is largely based on my own experiences and opinions.


Recurring Cast Members:

"The Ukrainian," the unfortunate nickname I've given my husband on here, is an electrical engineer and a part-time instructor.  His current PRs are 1:29 for the half-marathon and 3:20 for the full.   We got engaged in 2011 and were married in 2012 (wedding-related posts are here).

"Baby Tuesday"  is our precious first-born. You can read my pregnancy updates here.


Pet Siblings:

Meowmie: She He (see HERE for explanation) is the family cat, coming to us in February 2010 and made our house herhis new home.

    Bruno: He is the family dog, randomly purchased as a puppy in December 2010. He is medium-sized and highly energetic.

    Blog Policies:

    Winners of giveaways are announced on the blog, and I will make one attempt to contact the winner (via Twitter, e-mail, or blog comment).  If the winner does not come forward within two weeks, I reserve the right to select a second winner.

    Comment Deletion 
    I reserve the right to delete comments that are rude, violent, or otherwise objectionable in nature.  Just like in real life, there is a difference between not agreeing and being plain mean.

    I enjoy receiving e-mails from readers with questions or potential post ideas/guest posts.  I also accept communications from companies looking to partner up (though I reserve the right to post my true opinions).  Please refer to the Comment Deletion policy above regarding what types of e-mails I will plain ignore.

    E-mail: julie AT acaseoftheruns DOT com

    Updated: 3/5/15


    1. So excited to 'meet' another LA runner! I'm doing Surf City in a couple of weeks! Cute blog!

    2. Thank you for coming to my blog! Wow - yours is phenomenal -I will have to explore! Your dog is adorable - he almost looks green there -cute :)

    3. I just wanted to stop by and say how much I love your weblog's name. I am dreaming up a blog of my own and I hope I can be as creative.

    4. Ukranian boys are the best! I got one too;) thanks for reading my interview with SR today! Take care

    5. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog! You have the best blog name ever btw. I'm from Eagle Rock, which is next door to Pasadena, where I see you've been (re: the Rose Bowl pic)!

    6. Hi Julie! I'm a PhD girl myself (Neuroscience from Penn State University). In fact, I started running in graduate school for stress relief - boy did I need it! Anyway, keep up the good work!

    7. Love the name of your blog! Laughed right out loud thinking of some of my embarrassing running incidents!
      Have a great one!

    8. A Psychologist who runs. In other words, you're where I want to be soon. For that alone, consider me a new subscriber! Awesome blog that you've been somehow able to maintain in graduate school. That is really, really very awesome. Hopefully we'll cross paths at some conference some day!

    9. Wow, a masters?! I'm surprised because you looked sooo young when I met you at FBfest! (No worries, it's a good thing) :) BTW, nice meeting you there even though it was brief~ And it's so awesome you're in the l.a. area. I'm in the OC hehe

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      We would appreciate it if you shared this with your readers, followers and fans.


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