Friday, October 12, 2018

Nail in the Coffin (minor announcement)

This post title reminds me of a very old post that is... pretty embarrassing to come across now.  I guess a decade ago, my biggest life concerns were my hair tie and my toenails.

Now, I am absurdly sleep deprived and drowning under the obligations of work and kids... mostly kids.  Heck, it's mostly the baby, because she's in that 7-9 months range where I thought I was going to die the last time I had a baby.  Some people have babies that wake up twice or thrice in a night... and are understandably tired for that.  But lately, it has been soooo much worse than that.  I have read all the sleep resources and everything, but deep down, I know that this is just something to slog through.  Even if I haven't slept a full night for probably at least a year now and am not sure when I will get to do it again.  The words on this screen are blurred, to be honest.

Doctors, lawyers, students, etc. get a break once in a while... I, on the other hand, don't.  Kudos to mothers.  Seriously.

I've stopped following the running community.  This started sometime after my first kid -- I just couldn't relate anymore.  I'd be happy if I had the time/energy for a three-miler at my postpartum pace.  I still do short workouts the majority of the week as a way to stay sane.  Sometimes, I run a little.  I miss some aspects of it... but I really just don't have the energy right now.  I don't know how I ever had the energy ever.

When a major race comes up and I see it on TV, I feel twinges of sadness, since I was all about running and races at some point, as was my husband.  It was a lot of what we bonded over when we were dating.

Regarding my fitness goals, I'm about 4-5 lb away from my goal weight, though of course, having two kids has changed more than just my lifestyle.  I still have about 5 months until I plan on starting the weaning process, and maybe by then, I'll have energy! and willpower! to work on what I have left.  Running might happen again... who knows?  I often prefer other methods of exercise these days, ones that don't hurt my knees as much and leave me as hungry.

Onto the announcement -- it's really nothing, but I decided not to renew my domain registration.  The blog will still be here, but I was hoarding for the purposes of sales prospects, but heck, I think we are moving away from domains and such.  So some links might break here... I will try to fix them, but it's going to take a while.  Yes, I know the cost of a domain is minor, but I told myself from the beginning that I would only keep a domain name if it was advantageous for me to do so, and it no longer is.  I could be better served by spending that money on the kiddos.

Here's the original and future URL to this blog:

Hopefully I'll post more often.  I don't even have pictures of myself to append to this post.  All in time, I guess.  In the meantime, thank GOODNESS it finally feels like Fall now...


  1. Massive, massive hugs. You're in the thick of it!! Give yourself some grace. <3 As you know from kid #1...this too shall pass, I guess? something like that? (my kid #1 is still having the worst tantrums, night terrors, waking up to pee and refusing to pee, all that jazz, and because he's 3 they are developmentally appropriate...sigh.)

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