Wednesday, November 1, 2017


The weather has finally stabilized after months and months of heat waves, and I couldn't be more excited to feel comfortable going about my life.

It helps that this time of year is great in general, due to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the other holidays.  It is so awesome to see Baby Tuesday enjoy all of these things this year with a new awareness of what's going on.  He trick-or-treated like a pro!

Also, November is "The Ukrainian" and my anniversary (5 years!) and Tuesday's birthday.  We're going to have an active few months indeed!

Speaking of active, in the above picture, you can see I failed to be subtle about my 23-week baby bump in spite of my best intentions.  I know I said this before, but I feel bigger than last time and will probably be a full-blown pumpkin soon enough.

With all these holidays and such, "soon enough" is going to be pretty soon, I think.  It is a bit surreal that this little one will be here not long after this end-of-year wave.  We've made pretty good progress in our preparations, though there are a few more biggies, which I'll go over in another post.

In my last post (too long ago... sorry), I alluded to a reveal, and now that family has become aware... I can finally say that according to the ultrasound tech, it's a girl.  I have another scan when I get further along due to low-lying placenta (the one of several complications I've had with this pregnancy), so I can get another opinion at that time.

Since I didn't find out last time, I'm somewhat suspicious that this could be a wrong guess, but I'm fine with that, too, except for having to tell everyone again.  Maybe this is why I mostly still call "it" and "it," and no, I don't feel bad about that at all.  Did that with my son, and we have had no problem with bonding at all.  However, finding out early made me feel like I opened a holiday gift too early, but I have been enjoying the different experience of knowing, especially with the opposite sex.  In a way, it makes me feel less prepared in spite of this being the second go-around.

More people are finding out about this baby just by looking at me, since we did not do any announcement anywhere beyond this blog.  It's funny how long it has taken and how people are hesitant to mention it as much as I have been.


  1. Cute costume!! I didn't dress up, rather I actually got dressed. lol

    You never look as big as you feel and you can hardly tell you've got a cute little pumpkin bump under there. Congrats on baby GIRL, that'll be a whole new world!!

    I had a low lying placenta too but it corrected itself by third trimester. Does your doctor think it'll correct? I couldn't do anything, not even hold B3, so it definitely makes pregnancy even harder, but I think they usually correct.

    1. Thank you!

      What a bummer that you weren't allowed to do anything! I have been limiting my activities by choice (and other pregnancy pains), but I'd be bummed if I couldn't pick up my son. While I don't do it unless necessary (like crossing a busy street), I know the day will come soon that I'll get too big for this, or if I have another C-section. I just try to hug and cuddle the boy in non-strenuous ways when he lets me.

      I was told the low-lying placenta would likely move. Maybe it already has, but I won't know until 32 weeks (they found it at 18 weeks). Mine is borderline, so maybe that's why I didn't get any restrictions put on me. At my first scan, they found a bleed that was bigger than the baby at the time, and they also did not put any restrictions on me because everything else was on track and no actual bleeding. They aren't exactly conservative in my Dr's office, I guess!

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