Monday, March 6, 2017

A Case of the "Did Not Start"

In my last post, I announced that I had been signed up for a half marathon and decided not to run it, making it my very first "did not start" (DNS) race.  A few years ago, it would have taken breaking both my legs or something of that magnitude to keep me away from the racing game, but this time, it was literally a cough and sneeze (again, see my previous post for details).

Ironically, I did start feeling a little bit better during the race weekend.  Bear in mind that I've had these injuries for close to a month now, so I had no idea when I'd finally start being able to roll around in bed without excruciating pain.  And yes, I did see a doctor, and "The Ukrainian" asked our chiropractor -- both basically said it's just time, ice, and pain meds.  I picked up my race bib at a very low-key showroom the day before, still wondering if I was doing the right thing.

Swag I did not earn (but paid for?) -- yes, I am still going to wear this shirt,
as a reminder of this time and how I need to take better care of myself
and also that in the end, it's just a race shirt.

Another big reason why I didn't even attempt to show up at all was because of the late start time.  Originally, when I signed up about a year ago, it was a 7:30 am start.  Now, it was 9:15 am.  A 7:30 start meant I could be home by 10:30 am (as I was planning on taking the train), but a 9:15 start meant sneaking away from the baby when already awake and missing lunch and naptime and getting stuck in the rain that was predicted (and happened) later in the day.  None of these things used to bother me as much.  Okay, I never like to start late -- bad for possible heat and stomach issues -- but yes, motherhood has shifted my priorities a little.

More on that.  If I were to be hard on myself, I'd say that motherhood has made me soft, and I'm not just talking about my gut.  Waking up early to workout/run/race was rarely a big deal for me, even laughable, but nowadays, I pretty much consider it a form of torture.  I wake up pretty early during the week for work reasons, so by the weekend, I'm pretty much down for the count, at least until about 7 am.  I credit all the sleep I lost during pregnancy and early motherhood.  Besides sleep, I try to minimize my time away from my son because I know I spend enough time away due to work.  I know I still get to see him plenty because of our arrangements, but that "mom guilt" doesn't quit.  Finally, I know that I come back from running all tired, and the thought of keeping up with a toddler when I'm sore and have a headache from running is enough to deter me.

What I ended up doing that morning instead.

Though I've just made a ton of excuses, I AM planning on trying again when it comes to half-marathon #30.  I think bad luck and lack of prioritization got the best of me this time, but my return to racing will be there for me when I'm ready.  I'm going to start browsing and making a plan for myself to hopefully do it this year.  I'd either have to recover quickly and then try to hit the pre-summer races or late Fall.  I want to be at least somewhat trained next time.  Any suggestions (in the Los Angeles area) are welcome.

Here's to better days and more runs!


  1. I would have nooooo DNS guilt in this case! I barely race unless it's a Goal Race, just because I don't feel like dragging myself away from the kiddo to a race expo and start line and then waiting around and then hauling myself home... you know. All these East Coast early spring races start at, like, 11am, which to me is just bananas. And if I wanted to not-race 13 miles I can roll out the door and do that any day. Also, toddlers are exhausting. I hope you bounce back soon for a late-spring half! I'm also thinking of doing a fall marathon... you should join me :)

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