Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Milestone Pod

I'm back!  I miss the days when I had infinitely more time to blog, as it really is more fun to express myself in complete sentences than to scroll through social media where I generally default to "Emoji-glish." 

Growing up, writing was one of my favorite hobbies and an area in which I excelled at school.  In fact, I can probably attribute many of my life's decisions to my passion for writing.  Over time, I became too mentally drained to write (thanks, dissertation!), and then I started spending most of my days writing e-mails at work, which has comprised most of my written expression for many, many years outside of this blog. 

Anyway, I find myself struggling to write, even in this casual medium.  I have picked up in my reading again, which is no problem for me, but I guess it will take a while for that to translate into more coherent writing.  I'm pretty convinced that nobody wants to read coherent writing anymore, right??

Speaking of struggles, running has been a bit of a struggle for me since the half-marathon I was supposed to run in June had been postponed.  I have been getting myself out there just so I can catch more Pokémon, but those outings tend to be run/walks, which is probably not going to keep me in shape to sign on to the race when it is rescheduled.  We will see.

A downside to running with the Pokémon app is that I don't run my normal tracking apps on my phone, mostly because having one app on is distraction enough.  Frankly, I haven't really tried to see if it was actually possible, since my phone would probably die from the overload.  Luckily, it was time for me to review another Milestone Pod model, upgraded from last year.  I like the sleek design and its ability to attach to your laces without having to undo them.

Also, the new app is really stylish as well!  It generates a wealth of information, as you can see from the screen shots below.  It even asked me for the shoe I was using to run (go Stabils!!).

It is refreshing to see other metrics outside of distance and pace, and over time, I'll figure out how these actually tie into the quality of my runs since they remain relatively short for the time being until I need to ramp up again (hopefully) when my half-marathon is rescheduled.
For now, it's a great little tracker that I can use when I am unable to use my phone for tracking or don't have it on me.  It syncs up very quickly, as well.
FTC Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product but was not otherwise compensated to provide a positive review.

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