Thursday, June 2, 2016

Building Blocks

Since my last post, I've had quite a month.

So far, I've built up to 9 miles in my half-marathon training.  The race is coming up in a few weeks, and while the ramp-up hasn't been as bad as I had feared, I'm still struggling with finding the time and will to check off these kinds of distances.  My crazy mind has also started setting goals, even though my only real goal should be finishing the race.  I am just going to put it out there, though, that it would be really nice to come in under 2:10.  Yes, I've done better, but I haven't been focusing on speed at all, and based on my training paces, I think this is probably where I am going to land.  Now, let's just hope it isn't 90 degrees on race day, which in late June, is not out of the question!

In addition, this month was kind of rough, health-wise.  I had two separate bouts of illness that required a few different kinds of antibiotics to remedy, and I am not one to take medicine very often.  So I'm still trying to focus on boosting my health in the aftermath, although I am feeling pretty okay now.

On a higher note, we went on a family road-trip a couple of weeks ago.  Traveling with an 18-month-old is NOT easy, but it was worth the new experiences.  The little one visited his first amusement park, played on the beach, toured popular attractions, slept like a champ in hotel rooms, ate good food, and swam in a few pools.  I think I need a vacation from that vacation, though!

On a work front, things have been kind of crazy, though I'm still loving it.  We moved to a new office building last week, so now I get to spend my days at a standing desk, which I blogged about before, so we'll see what kind of impact that makes.  I've also been focusing on eating more protein... wayyy (whey?) more protein... which is hard when I'm a self-proclaimed carb-o-holic and dislike most protein sources.

Well, besides cheese, hah!  Oh, and while I know there is a lot of debate out there about protein consumption, I'm experimenting with this for a bit because I still feel like a postpartum blob sometimes, and it will also hopefully help when I take blood sugar tests in the future.

These protein bars from BPI Sports are an exception, though.  They sent me a Cookies n Cream and S'Mores flavor sample, and both were surprisingly soft and didn't have the aftertaste that I'm used to protein bars having.  I would buy these in the future, though these sample sizes are pretty neat, and I know I'm not going to find that size out in the world.  I've gotten pretty good at self-control, though, so cutting bars in half is not entirely out of the question!

I was also sent a sample of SlimSation's pants to review.  Like my lazy shoe pairing?  These did not really fit well on me, even though the design seemed awesome online.  I think I need to be taller and thinner...  I asked for a "small," though.  With summer coming, though, I like having a light-colored pant to wear.

Anyway, I know this post was kind of all over the place, but I'm about to run off to the next thing.  I'm hoping things slow down as summer starts in earnest.  I'm going to try to embrace the heat and longer days... well, as much as one could, anyway!!

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent samples of the products and was not otherwise compensated for providing a positive review.


  1. Good luck at your race! I am excited to hear about it. And yeah, good thing it's not this weekend cuz the weather is going to be hot.

  2. Good luck on your training, enjoyed your post.


  3. Good luck on your training, enjoyed your post.


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