Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Running Post!

Two posts in one week?  This must means that I am publishing these on an automatic schedule, since I'm finding it verrrry difficult to keep up lately.  Still, this post is going to be a fun one for me to write because it has to do with running!!

I've mentioned this here before, but sometime after the new year, I saw that Mark Zuckerberg started a "year of running" in which he'd try to run at least 365 miles this year.  It took me more than halfway through the month to get on board with this, so I was running a lot of catch up and as of last week, I'm at 179 miles for the year, which I believe leaves me in good shape because it's still early May.

Most of my miles were on the treadmill, but I'm doing more outside now, carving out paths around my hilly neighborhood.  The weather has mostly been amenable to running outdoors (for now!), though sometimes it calls for this little number from CozyPhones that "The Ukrainian" is modeling nicely since it doesn't quite look right on my larger head and bunchy hair.  These are great because there aren't any ear-bud-falling-out moments, and it keeps the cord away pretty tidily.

Also, I was recently sent the book below to review, and this one is kind of near-and-dear to me because I initially used Hal Higdon's training programs when I started running long distances.  Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training is a compilation of many of his half-marathon training plans from novice to advanced, and it pretty much starts out from a pure-beginner's standpoint as to not intimidate.  Much of the content is familiar to me since I have followed Hal for years, but it was nice to refresh my memory...

...because I'm running a half-marathon next month.  I already announced this on Instagram, but now it's on the blog record.  It was sort of an impulse decision.  I had wanted to run my 30th half-marathon (which is what this will be) before I ended year 30, but alas, that did not pan out for various reasons, mostly because I didn't feel I was ready to train or wake up early.  Of course, I was also nowhere near in-shape, which also contributed.
So I'm STILL not totally in half-marathon shape, but I have done a 5, 6, and 7-milers in my ramp-up because my previous post-partum distance record was about 5 miles that I think I did once last year.  I'm going totally "novice" and am probably going to peak at 10 or 11 miles because I didn't have as many weeks as I would have liked to ramp up any higher.  So far, the runs have been going fairly well considering this is kind of uncharted territory for me again, and nowadays, I am training on much hillier terrain, which I hope will help carry me through my race since it's flatter. 
I feel like a beginning again in many ways, as I often second-guess myself.  For example, each week that I go another mile longer, I start feeling my favorite ole' right calf tightening.  I tweaked my ankle on my last long-run in the trail-y area.  Also, I haven't bothered to wear compression socks for this, mostly because I prefer running in pants these days, but I may consider wearing them again starting next week????  And I should probably start carrying hydration with me.  I also haven't decided if I want to try to train to finish the race without fuel or not, but whatever I decide, I better start incorporating soon, and all my old energy things are expired.  If this was Instagram, I'd be using a hashtag along the lines of #newoldrunnerproblems .
As for goals, I am not fast by any means, so I really just want to finish the race in one piece and preferably not be walking a lot.  I haven't been walking during my training but fully expect that things can go awry on race day.  More specifically, I am hoping I can run this at pace I've been training at so that I don't take forever.
Needless to say, I am excited about rounding out my half-marathon count and finally doing something that I missed in my two-ish years of gestating and being a mom.  I can't say whether this will be a one-time thing, since yes, my priorities have changed, and it really is a commitment in both time and energy when I do have other goals, too.  So we'll see how this next month or so goes.
FTC Disclaimer: I was sent samples of the above-mentioned products to review but was not otherwise compensated to provide a positive opinion.


  1. That's awesome you're running a half next month, I'm sure you'll do great. You say you're not fast yet you busted out a crazy fast 5k earlier this year. Can't wait to see how you do!

  2. Ooh, instant postpartum half PR! ;) Yay for #30! Which race is it?
    Do you feel your fitness is generally sufficient to get you through without walking, or do you plan to let yourself do a walk/run?
    Running in pants - how do you do it? I can't run in pants except in the dead of winter!
    PS in training for Pittsburgh I ate my very old (expired early last year) shot bloks with no ill effects ;) I also maxed out my long run at 12 miles, no ill effects there either!