Thursday, March 24, 2016

Checking In

I remember when "checking in" meant finding your current location on Foursquare, but since those times, the app tanked, and ain't nobody got time to check in everywhere anymore.

There really isn't a lot of "everywhere" to check into, anyway.  I'm usually either at home, at work, at the grocery store, picking up Baby Tuesday, or taking him to a select number of places that I wouldn't care for people to know, anyway.

March is nearly over, and for a month that normally is as slow as molasses, it has pretty much just come and almost gone.  In about a month, I will be 31.  I wonder if 31 will "hit" me hard, since I was still is a postpartum whirlwind when I turned 30 and had it not been for the date on the calendar, I would not have known that this went by.  I definitely feel a lot older than I was, though.  Most of the time, I am tired and feel unfit and a piece of work in general when I don't really have the time to work on myself.  I'm lucky if I have 5 minutes to get ready for anything.  What also could use some work is my brain -- I am having a hard time focusing on studying for an exam I'm taking in a few months, and I frequently do inane things like go to the grocery store without the shopping list that I put RIGHT BESIDE my keys so I wouldn't forget it.  If this is what the 30s are like, I am bracing myself.

Lately, I'm more focused on the number of months Baby Tuesday has reached (16!).  He's irresistibly amazing and more and more like his father every day.

I have to be careful what I say around Tuesday these days, as his comprehension is more than I thought.  I used the word "dinner" in passing in a conversation, and the next thing I know, I'm being pulled to the highchair and expected to pull out a meal earlier than usual.  His newest thing is learning to answer when I ask stuff like, "What sound does a tiger make?"  So adorable!

Although I've had a cold for most of this month, I've run 29 miles this month as of this publishing and 112 miles for the year (my goal is to run ~1 mile per day this year).  This is just enough for me to incorporate other things like Insanity and Physique 57 to keep me from getting bored.  Running on the treadmill has become slightly more bearable now, but that's because I'm on there for relatively short periods of time and I'm not on it every time/day.  I don't feel like I'm progressing or getting fitter, though, which is kind of a bummer but I've consistently worked out 5 days a week and am at least proud of that effort.

Sometimes, I wonder if things will ever be as they were, but I try to remember that I was always a casual runner (I shouldn't kid myself and tell myself otherwise!) and although that looks different now, a casual runner is what I can remain.  I recently agreed to become a LEGEND Brand Ambassador partly because the line appeals to athletes of all levels.  I got to try their compression sleeves, which I really liked because they were more comfortable than other compression gear I've tried (affiliate link in case you're interested), comfortable enough to wear casually without the some of the difficulty of peeling them off.  I don't think you need to be a super athlete to wear compression gear, as it even comes in handy when you're doing certain types of plyo workouts

I almost registered for a half-marathon for early next year because it was taking place very close to me so wouldn't require a lot of time commuting.  However, it was already over $100 to enter this far ahead, and I can't commit to paying that much to run in my own stomping grounds.  I'm sure I'll be kicking myself for this later, but hopefully before that, I will stumble upon something that will work out with my schedule and won't be so hilly.  Heck, I should probably just set aside some time and run that distance on my own, for free, if I just want to prove to myself I could still do it.

FTC Disclaimer: I received a sample of LEGEND products as an ambassador but was not paid to provide a positive review.  I will be credited with any purchases made through affiliate links associated with LEGEND.


  1. I have learned that B3 knows a lot more than he can say, they are so smart. My mom mentioned my little brothers never talked much until age 3, but they understood anything and everything.

    Hey we're like months apart in age, I didn't know.

  2. That picture of the baby is hilirious! He's all like 'let me analyze this'. Congrats on your ambassadorship!