Thursday, February 11, 2016

As Bad as I Feel

Life right now is well-reflected by this salad-in-a-jar that was my lunch not too long ago.

Things are contained, but basic and kind of boring.  Oh, and lazy.

I haven't been doing too well on one of my goals for the year, which was to get back to my baseline weight.  I started the year doing really well... and was so close at that time.  But somewhere in that timeframe, I got the stomach flu and then treated recovery like a free-for-all since the holidays were just ending.  Suddenly, all the treats I didn't feel like eating that were still lingering around the house fell victim to my post-illness buffet.

Shortly after that, Baby Tuesday had a string of poor nights, some illness related, that left me going for carb-ville.  I'm now required to take yearly A1C tests to monitor my blood sugar, and it didn't really go in the direction I had hoped.  So I know I need to do better, but man.

I currently feel (and probably look) really terrible, and all of that happened within a month.  In January, I mentioned that I ran 31.5 miles (all in the second half) in attempt to average about a mile per day this year.  February is on track so far.  But even running/more consistent exercise could not counter stress/tired-ness eating and the fact that the time of weaning is 99% upon us and we've suddenly transitioned to mostly decent nights of sleep.  I think it has just been a lot of fluctuations that I'm not dealing with very well.

The baby, on the other hand, suddenly learned how to walk and hang out like a big boy.  This is timely, as it opens up more activities.  Activities are much-needed.  So fun!

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  1. Basic and boring sound fantastic. It's probably a bit of a relief after a busy first year with baby Tuesday! He sure is cute!