Wednesday, January 6, 2016

On Moving onto Toddlerhood

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about Baby Tuesday's first birthday

Along with that milestone, I suddenly found myself seeing him as a toddler and not a baby any longer.  I'm not sure when this shift happened.  (He is not walking yet, so it wasn't that.)

I used to think that I'd be "in the clear once" he turned one -- no more pumping (YAAASSS), better sleep (not particularly), laid-back and varied feeding (in much higher volume and forget about trying to eat in front of him what you won't share), more self-reliance and -entertainment (can anyone say 20-lb+ koala who requires a book be re-read 10+ times???).  I'm learning that there continue to be challenges that gave me as much insecurity, worry, and frustration as the baby days. 

Sometimes I miss being able to have him just lay there for a diaper change rather than fight, or being able to strap him in a bouncy chair to turn around to grab a pot for a second and not find him staring at a puddle of tea of the floor. And oh, the tantrums/whining... I've had to start actually flexing my parenting and patience muscles rather than just "keep the baby alive" mode.  But then, he will pull the mail out of the mailbox when I ask him and help me load/unload laundry.  He will do things just because they are funny to him, like hide in my closet or dance, and those little things make this stage so amazing.

The baby days were hard, and what I've experienced of the toddler days so far have been hard in their own right.  Now, I'm really starting to believe when parents of older children/teens talk about how difficult things are, even at those stages.  I also can see that it does go by as quickly as they say.


  1. I think the coolest thing about the beginning of toddlerhood is how much their personality starts to show and you see the wheels turn as they begin to understand stuff. The tantrums and whining though? Ugh.

  2. I agree with the previous commenter. What's his personality like? Reading your blog is like a little window into the near future for me, haha. The diaper wiggles are already happening, the separation anxiety is hitting hard, and he has already started getting jealous when his primary daycare teacher picks up another kid.. Omg. I will look forward to no more pumping though!!! I loathe it soooo much.