Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, My Baby

What a year it has been!

A year ago, I had the most dazed and pukey day of my life, but hearing "The Ukrainian" tell me that we had a son and meeting the little guy for the first time are still very clear in my mind.

I will admit, most of the year has been a blur.  There was a lot of nursing/pumping, playing on the floor with the baby, waking up at night, anxiety, and washing... I'm pretty sure the lack of sleep messed with my sense of time.

Can/will single-handedly drink this whole thing.

I made sure, though, to commit everything I could to memory -- the feeling of his tiny grabby hand, his babbles, and even the many times I spent checking his hair curl for cradle cap.  All of the changes he has gone through this year have been nothing short of amazing.  He understands some things, throws balls when asked, reacts with great joy or discontent based on which book I've chosen for his bedtime story, stacks blocks, and says some words.  It's hardly believable that he was a little helpless newborn not that long ago.

I'm tired of taking these "month" photos, Mahh-mayyy!!!

Baby Tuesday has been in our lives for a year, and he has already given me so much.  I look forward to all the fun milestones ahead.


  1. Happy birthday, Baby Tuesday and congrats on getting through that first year.

  2. Awh, happy happy birthday little one! Cannot believe you are one, but you sure are looking cute.

  3. Happy birthday, little fella! You're adorable! I seriously can't believe how much they grow in that brief time.