Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Week of Steps

You know that whole "a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" saying that runners often like to throw out there to motivate them to go on a run?

Well, there have been times in the past year when that "single step" felt like "a thousand miles."

I'm trying really hard to re-establish some baseline of activity in my daily routine.  I've been diligently getting myself to the gym 2-3 quick times a week and walking around during the day as possible... and required, since my parking at work is separate from my office.

I was curious to see how much or little I actually walk each day.  When Baby Tuesday was smaller, I remember many days (most days?) when my butt hurt from sitting on it so much.

But soon, I think I'll be chasing him around....

The guideline I keep hearing is that people should aim for 10,000 steps per day, or about 5 miles.  This is how my week went (I used the Omron Pedometer to measure):

  • Monday - 9094: ran about 2 miles at the gym and was up from my desk a lot
  • Tuesday - 8002: did about 30 min of elliptical at the gym
  • Wednesday - 4287: was busy at work and did not leave my desk for lunch besides getting food
  • Thursday - 7338: ran about 2 miles at the gym
  • Friday - 5983: ran errands during lunch
  • Saturday - 6983: walked to the farmer's market and back 
  • Sunday - 2031: stayed at home

As you can see, there is a lot of variability, but it looks like I'm at least getting to half of the recommendation on most days.  I know that's probably nothing to laud myself for, but it's better than I suspected.  At some point, I might try wearing the pedometer for another week and hope that my results are better.  It's all about the small steps toward progress, though!

Speaking of steps and progress, I was recently sent a neat Journal Menu journal in the mail.

The site allows you to design your own cover, use their templates, or a combination of both!  The curly spine allows you to jam a pen on the side for convenience, too.

There are different types of journals on there -- for people who do a variety of workouts, runners, and there were a lot of Crossfit ones, too.

You can track your stats and food in there, as well.  It's a fun compact way of keeping track of everything.

This one has 5K, 10K, half and full marathon training plans within.  I have a 5k next month and have just started to run a little again, though I think I'd benefit from sticking to a program like the one in here.  I think so far, I'm more or less where I need to be according to the schedule.

It is nice to be able to focus on my own health again, even if life is otherwise crazy and I can't spend nearly as much time on it as before.  A little is better than none! 

FTC Disclaimer: I received a sample of this journal but was not otherwise compensated to provide a positive opinion.

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  1. I have a FitBit (I need to wear it more) and found out that unless I go on a run, I never get close to 10000 steps since I work from home.

    I love the journal. I've seen them on blogs and would love to try one sometime. Good motivation!