Monday, December 8, 2014

Tracy Anderson - Pregnancy Project (Months 7-9)

Here's the home stretch (emphasis on stretch!)!

When I first got these discs, I figured it would be a long, long while until I broke into these last few ones, but as with many things with this pregnancy, that moment came more quickly than I had anticipated.

Months 1-3
Months 4-6

Month 7 - I admit that I didn't really do the second trimester discs as often as I would have expected, even though I worked out 5-6 days a week.  I mentioned having some mechanical issues, which made all the kneeling work especially painful for me to keep doing.  Luckily, this disc was pretty light on those sections!  More is done standing up "to increase circulation," and the length (about 38 minutes after the chatter) worked out perfectly.  A chair is used for the majority of the workout.

Month 8 - This one was less heavy on the hands and knees stuff, though it's still there!  Most of this 40-minute workout requires a chair, which I am not keen on because mine are heavy and you keep having to move it around.  Also I think 40 minutes is a long time to be doing boring exercises when you're already probably pretty tired.  I think she moves very quickly considering how far along we're supposed to be, and I don't consider myself a sloth in that regard!  I will say that I did feel a burn with this one, so I guess it's doing its job.

Month 9 - By the time I got to this point, I barely worked out at all, so I found these 40 minutes tougher than it should have been.  It starts off with stretching (with a chair, which I hate lugging), then those 3 lb weights (which feel heavy with atrophy) with and without the chair, and more hands-and-knees stuff that I mostly made it through but skipped one in particular because it had too many parts and level changes.  At the ends, she wishes you luck with everything and to do her Metamorphosis program, but given how much I didn't particularly enjoy these pregnancy workouts, I think I will stick with my other videos for now.

Overall, I think this would be good for some people in their pregnancies.  It's just a matter of preference, whether you prefer more "quiet" (but hard) forms of exercise like this one or more energetic ones like some others I've been doing.  If you were doing Tracy's stuff before pregnancy, this won't be much different to you.  It is definitely effective and you'll "feel it."

FTC Disclaimer: I purchased these discs on my own, and the opinions posted here are my own. 

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