Sunday, December 21, 2014

Skull and Cross Bones

Today, I went on a run. I think I last attempted to do this in July, and before that, in April. But I have not run consistently since March. In other words, it has been a while! With the cooler weather, I was starting to miss running badly!

Logistically, I had to plan way more ahead than I'm used to, as I had intended to do this a day earlier, but I was exhausted and the baby's schedule was rough. All the stars aligned today, so after a somewhat decent night, morning feeding, and emptying out, I quickly went out for what I promised would be 20 minutes.

I did a small loop around my house, twice. I've mentioned this before, bug my area is a little hilly, so I always struggle. Today, it was more like a shuffle than a run. About a quarter mile in, breathing was tough. My poor out-of-shape lungs and upper ab area! Toward the second half, I felt my lower ab/incision area to be quite weak. I guess running really does engage the whole core. I really struggled, but I was determined not to stop. I imagined a skull and cross bones, because some moments I thought I was going to die (not literally, but yikes!).

I finished 1.5 miles in the 20 minutes (using the Nike Running app) I was gone. It was a beautiful morning and such a nice feeling to be out again. Great for my sanity, for sure. Realistically, I will only be able to do this once a week for now when I have someone to watch the baby, but it might very well take a week to recover. I've been trying to do short videos on most other days. 

It is going to be a long and hard road back, so to speak, but at least this gives me something to work toward.

More to come (I hope)!


  1. yay! good job on the run! must have felt liberating but still hard! congrats :)

  2. Great job! You'll get it all back soon enough.