Monday, October 20, 2014

The Nursery and Other Things

We've reached October 20-something (today's my half-birthday, though that doesn't mean much!), which means the November 20-somethings are coming up, and I am definitely ready for that time to arrive.

Unfortunately, I still have a few weeks left at work, and as you can imagine, I haven't really been up to it lately even though things are kind of winding down and holiday festivities are sort of beginning.  My co-workers were so sweet in throwing me a baby shower, which "The Ukrainian" was able to attend.

In particular, I keep waking up drained and have actually been nauseated in the same way as earlier in the pregnancy, except I don't think I can justify comforting myself with bland carbs anymore.  So when I see random things like vegan cheese pop up, I give in:

Fortunately, I guess I hit a "nesting" phase in the past two weeks, so I washed everything and even packed my bag for the big day, even though it is (or just seems) SO far away.  Here are a couple of glances at the baby's room.  We have a two-bedroom, and unfortunately, the two rooms are almost the same size, so the baby has a huge room for its size.

I subsequently put the sheet cover on the crib mattress, LOL.

Those bears on the left were my childhood loves!

A lot of the items in the second picture are hand-me-downs (not the car seat, of course!), which are extremely appreciated.  We've been really lucky in that a lot of people just had babies this and last year.  We also recycled some of our other baby shower decorations for now.  In the coming weeks, I want to get my store club cards and discount stuff in order, because I'm a coupon-clipper and know I won't have as much time to keep track of pennies in the flurry of stuff.

Also, as ridiculous as it sounds, I already have the pack-n-play beside my bed so that I get used to not bumping into it at night.  It's also functioning as leverage for me when I have a hard time getting up in the middle of the night, which is understandably more often than I would like.

My main focus now is really to relax, because I am not naive and know it will be rough for a good while.  Kind of like tapering, I guess.


  1. Um ...don't tell me you work way up in that high rise. Totally jealous!!

    Love your nursery! We have the same swing. It's great! These next weeks will fly. I'm excited to see when baby actually comes.

  2. The nursery looks great! Best wishes.