Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review: Omron Electrotherapy

Fall is basically here, and "The Ukrainian" has been stepping up his training since he is signed up for the Surf City Marathon in February and LA Marathon in March.  While I certainly don't miss running in the dark, spidery morning environment, I do miss running (in way cooler temps than we have now) in general.

Oh, and pain.  I don't miss the pain (though not to say I don't feel as though I've been running without actually haven't done so).

I was recently contacted to review Omron's Electrotherapy TENS unit.  Given my current state, I let "The Ukrainian" use this until I am up-and-running again, so to speak.  Although we've both been in the running store only to be told about my gait issues and his perfect arches, he does experience pain once in a while, mostly in his calves, and also upper body after he weight-trains.

From their representative:

With running season in full force, this unit is perfect for your sore muscles post-workout.  Users can find relief from stiff, achy and sore muscle and joint pain in about 15 minutes.  Electrotherapy TENS units are a prescription-free pain relief option recommended by professionals and favored by a growing number of acute and chronic pain sufferers. The Pain Relief Pro is easy to use and has eight pre-set modes ensure complete customization to your exact pain:

·         Five for pain in the Arm, Lower Back, Leg, Food and Joint
·         Three for relaxing your muscles: Tap, Knead, Rub
·         Ten power levels of intensity

The kit is relatively simple and comes with a remote control, a cord to connect the pads, a plastic bumpy piece to store the sticky pads after use, batteries, and instructions.  The instructions suggest how to program the unit, which of course will be for a shorter duration in the beginning.

What does it feel like?  "The Ukrainian" says he feels little taps/ticks/grabs, nothing painful at all.  There is another setting that is more like a rubbing, which he uses on his shoulder.  He's been noticing less calf tightness, though I'm not sure if this is related to using this unit.  I can't wait to try this for myself, because I can definitely use it, well, everywhere, though it's generally only for extremities and lower back.

A unit costs about $70, which isn't too bad if you were considering getting a massage for pain, because this can be used repeatedly.

FTC Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product but was not otherwise compensated to provide a particular opinion about it.

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