Friday, October 3, 2014

OOFOS Recovery Shoes

I'm really excited to review these OOFOS recovery shoes because I recently saw them at a running store but didn't have enough time to look at these more closely.

When I'm done running a race (or long run!), nothing feels better than getting out of those worn out running shoes that probably already have energy drink residue all over them.  I try to do this before getting in the car, if possible.  When I wear the appropriate toe socks, I don't even need to remove my socks to switch from running shoes to sandals (as pictured below from this original post).

Of course, in my normal, flat sandals, I just feel a very hard and flat sensation under my foot.  This is still better than being crammed into a running shoe, but more could be done...

From their representative:

OOFOS is made from our unique and proprietary OOfoam, which is 37 percent more impact absorbent than EVA. They are soft and comfortable, but won't lose the unparalleled arch support no matter how much you wear them. Our bio metrically designed footbed massages the foot and begins the recovery process as soon as you slide them on your feet.

Okay, so I am VERY embarrassed to display my swollen end-of-the-day-and-pregnant appendages online, but for the sake of this review, here it is.  So I requested a Women's size 8.  I'm normally a 9 (wide) in running shoes, 8.5 for casual shoes, and 8 for sandals.  An 8 right now is a little on the small size, but it worked, and I hope it will only continue to work better as I return to my normal self.  The shoe will assuredly look a lot better on you than me, but in the end, it's about comfort, anyway!

Either way, the shoe is very comfortable.  I immediately noticed the foamy surface that has the right amount of "give" to my tired feet.  Also, it has a slight arch support that is useful when you've pretty much collapsed your arch from running, or just being.  Best of all, it isn't a shoe that will absorb any and all odors and is easily cleaned.  The little height boost is nice, too. ;)

There are a couple of different styles of OOFOS on their website, and they run about $40, which is about normal for runners' sandals.  You'll probably end up wearing them a lot.  I know I will.

FTC Disclaimer: I was provided a review pair of these shoes but was not otherwise compensated to provide a positive opinion.

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