Monday, October 27, 2014


Major #firstworldproblems here, but my iPhone 4S had been broken for six entire months.  I knew this because it would remind me weekly that I haven't uploaded to iCloud, which was a direct result of the WiFi chip burning out when I downloaded an iOS update.

Finally, sometime after the "iCloud not updated for 24 weeks" message, I got with the times and upgraded to the iPhone 5.  Now, my smartphone is fully functional again...

...which is just in time for me to work out some sort of baby tracking on there...

...which means I have to keep my phone on me at all times.  Actually, this is already something that "The Ukrainian" tells me if I mention something like taking a stroll around our very safe neighborhood.  I'm pretty sure I can round a few corners if the baby decides to arrive, but I guess it's better to be prepared.

That's where the Armpocket comes in, which is a line of armbands that can hold not only smart phones but keys as well, things that inevitably have to come with you on a walk or run.  It keeps your phone protected while out and about while still allowing you to use the screen, and yes, it has a hole for the headphones.

"The Ukrainian" has been running with this and says it does stay put.  Of course, it's still a sensation to get used to either way.  My phone has to come out of its massive protective case in order to fit, so that's kind of the only downside and will vary based on what case you have.  In preparation for baby and sleeplessness, I just happen to have a very thick one.  Still, I will definitely be using this on my post-baby runs/walks!

This would be perfect for everyday gym use, as well.  They also have models for the new iPhone 6, models that light up, and models for the non-iPhone inclined.  It's also eco-friendly!


FTC Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product and was not compensated to provide a positive review.

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