Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Review - Airia One Running

Out of the shoes that I have reviewed here, these are by far the most interesting.

Airia Running is a European company, and the Airia One shoe is designed to make the most out of every step.  You might immediately notice the unusual toe curvature of the shoe and freak out, but this very design is supposed to help you run faster (see the FAQ section here for more details about that).

When I first opened the box, there was a warning included.  Yes, it's kind of freaky to find warnings for shoes.  However, it simply says that it will take a good 10k to break-in/get used to the shoe, so in other words, don't give up!  I find that there's a similar break-in period for any other new shoe I try, so nothing unusual there.

The curvature isn't really noticeable when you put them on, unless you're really looking.  You will, however, feel like you're stepping on something under the ball of your foot.  Below is me (huge, at the brink of my third trimester) with the "before" shot of the shoes.  Given their white color, I decided this was better than a dirtier "after" shot.  That is definitely a critique of mine, though I am notoriously bad at keeping my shoes clean despite my intentions.  Given its design, some brighter colors would definitely look good (plus it gives the impression of speed, right?!).


I admit that I was only able to actually run a little bit with these shoes, mostly because I'm out of practice and balance due to my growing stomach.  In those few moments, I did feel really springy and light on my feet, which is kind of rare these days.  The width, which I believe was standard, seemed to work with my naturally wide and continuously swelling feet.  Also, I felt the motion control in this shoe, which is something I have always needed.

The rest of my breaking-in period with these shoes were done in walking form, and I still appreciated the light feeling and breathability of these shoes.  I didn't really experience a lot of calf soreness or other biomechanical adaptation pains with these shoes, though that could be based on your weight, how you normally run, other exercises you do, and a variety of other factors.  I can't wait until I'm back to running more regularly so I can put more miles on these and provide an update.

In conclusion, I would definitely try these out if you've basically "tried everything" and are looking for an efficient shoe.  Airia Running has a 30-day money back guarantee.

FTC Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of Airia Running's shoes but was not otherwise compensated to provide a particular opinion.


  1. OMG love your belly!! I want to see more pics!

    I've never heard of Airia. They kind of remind me of Newtons which is what I run in and love (well...before I became huge with child). They really aren't bad looking. Have you tried to the Hoka One One shoes that are floating around races/blogosphere lately? Now those are goofy looking.

  2. These look cool. I'd probably need to save the white color for the gym, I tend to trash my shoes with outdoor activity. I just ordered some Altra Zero Drop Torins in an attempt to find a large enough toe box to accommodate my broken toe. :-(.