Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My YouTube (Prenatal) Workout Playlist

Ever since I discovered that I could work out to YouTube using my AppleTV device, I have enjoyed working out on a whim rather than hoping that the DVD that I've popped in the night before will suit my needs in the morning.  It sure beats working out in front of a laptop, too!

Here are my current go-to videos.  I'm sure this will change in a few months (and I look forward to a fresh batch!).  I like that they are generally short, so I can mix and match as I have time/energy!

1) Madonna Arms (about 10 min) - This is not a prenatal video, but it's just a good all-around arm toner that can be done during pregnancy.  The last segment is done lying flat on your back, but after a point I started using a stability ball so I'd be up on an incline instead. 

I've been doing this one since early on in my pregnancy, and while I can't say it's a miracle worker, I do notice my general muscle tone is there.  My arms are a problem area for me (I tend to store fat in them more quickly than other parts of my body), even before pregnancy, so at best I was hoping to keep them mostly the same, which is approximately true.

2) Barre3 Arms/Legs (about 10 min) - Also not prenatal.  I must suck, because I can't quite get through all the arm portion on most days.  I love a good barre workout, and though I wish this were longer, I do like that I can do this without hauling a chair out.  For now.

3) Fitsugar Prenatal Legs/Butt (about 10 min) - This is a lower-body focused workout that seemed pretty easy when I first started it, but as with all things has been getting progressively more challenging as time goes on.  I will say that I'm not a fan of the girl in purple throwing in her 53,245 cents about everything when the guest trainer is supposedly showing us the moves.  Also, I feel like she somewhat belittles the girl behind in the aqua, who is further along.

4) Fitsugar Full Body Prenatal (about 10 min) - This is a full-body workout and one of my favorites because I feel like it targets pregnancy problem areas such as the lower back.  There is even an ab portion, which is unusual for prenatal workouts.  It guest-stars Andrea Orbeck (who is also in the first video I linked).

5) Denise Austin Prenatal Cardio (about 20 min) - I find this video pretty old and cheesy feeling, but it's kind of fun in a way.  She demonstrates moves that you build upon in a sequence.  I'm not sure if this is a calorie-burner, but I can tell it helps my circulation from the movements.

6) BodyWisdom Prenatal Fitness (about 30 min) - I really like this lower body workout, because I do indeed feel a burn, and there are modifications shown for each trimester.  It's a good lower body workout when I was too stiff in the morning for barre, and I was once able to do this even after pulling my calf in my sleep.

Well, that's it for now.  I'll probably do another installment in the future that is themed "postnatal with hardly any time."  =)

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