Monday, August 11, 2014

Tracy Anderson - Pregnancy Project (Months 4-6)

Continuing from my first review of the first three discs on Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project, this brings us to the second trimester, where Tracy states that she wants to "focus on the butt."  I'm not sure why, but I preferred to hear that we were going to work on everything, maybe less on some parts, because I think it does hit most body parts.  I actually did the videos "on time" with these (whereas I was somewhat "catching up" with the first three discs), meaning I was as far along as the video "expected."

Month 4: This one is about 36 minutes long.  She starts off with some commentary about the wonders of entering the second trimester, blah blah, and then there is maybe 8 minutes of stretching, followed by kneeling arm work.  She says the kneeling is so you don't lose your balance while maintaining the speed of the movements, again with 3-lb weights.  The leg series is pretty much all done on all-fours, which is a position I don't like much because I think my wrists are pretty weak.  Still, though, I felt the burn, and the video is the right length.  Again, make sure your mat has good padding.

Month 5: This video rounded out at about 40 minutes.  Again, more commentary about how the baby is doing and how you're becoming all round and beautiful and all that stuff.  This is followed by stretching, weighted arms in kneeling position, and the usual leg/butt section.  I'm not sure why, but doing all the leg moves on all fours is just really tiring.  I actually didn't feel as much burn back there in this video, though of course this could be due to me having trouble keeping the form.  I think being in that position so much actually helps keep my upper body active, too.

Month 6: After a few minutes of notes about your baby's progress, this video is about 40 minutes long.  It starts with stretching, and then the arm segment is done first in standing position and then kneeling position, which is a nice change.  The arm sequence starts pretty easy (again 3-lb weights), but I did feel burn by the end.  The leg/butt section is mostly done on all-fours again, though thankfully, a few of the moves are done kind of propped up on your side.  This was such a nice change!

I'm glad I am not solely depending on these workouts.  While I think they are a nice mix-in, I sort of dread them because I don't like spending a lot of time on my hands and knees.  However, I DO think they are effective in keeping arm and leg tone.  After a while, you get used to Tracy and her weird outfits, and it does become easier to follow along since you are used to the moves.

Also, I started paying more attention to the bonus segments that come with every disc, with celebrities talking about their pregnancy/fitness experiences.  While I was able to grasp a few reassurances from them, of course I kept thinking, "Well, these people are celebrities and have trainers."

FTC Disclaimer: I purchased these discs on my own, and the opinions posted here are my own.

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