Thursday, August 14, 2014

So Many Objects: Running vs. Babies

Running is a relatively simple thing.  All you really need are some clothes, socks, and shoes (and even all of THOSE are debatable), but then you wind up crossing those finish lines with stuff in your ears, something(s) around your arm, a fanny pack full of stuff, and socks way longer than they need to be.

From my many reviews on this site, a simple thing can have a lot associated with it, for sure!

I'm finding that preparing for a baby is kind of the same thing.  We set up a crib last week and have a car seat, and according to my parents, this is all we really need for now.  Being pretty minimal, I tend to agree, except we had been getting questions about a registry, which we finally opened recently.

We tried to take a minimal approach.  Knowing clothes would be outgrown and will somehow show up no matter what, we barely mention those things on there.  Many of the things are kind of "nice" to have but not necessary, much like, yes, it's nice to have compression socks, but not necessary.  Of course, because of two mobile people, we had to get two car seats.  And yes, the baby needs books!  Also, we're going to need first aid stuff and blankets, right?

One of the "we might need this?" items.

We decided to forego getting a changing table and will be using the top of a dresser with a pad.  We did not register for any swings or high chairs, too many toys, or anything that we don't foresee using within the next six months or things that might be handed down to us.  Still, the "want" list is quite long, though luckily most items are fairly inexpensive.

One thing I'm grappling with is the glider, a big-ticket item  I wanted one similar to the one below, but the reviews are mixed/bad, and it would pretty much be the most expensive thing we've needed so far (besides the stroller + car seat combo we got, but it's a combo...).  There are more ideal gliders, but they are way out of the price range.  Plus, since I haven't been able to try any, I don't want to deal with the hassle of hating it and returning it... if that's even allowed.

We have an office recliner that we barely use (similar to what's below), which might seem strange, but it actually reclines, and I wouldn't have to worry about an extra piece of furniture later on.  I am naively hoping that the baby won't need so much rocking (I have a stability ball for that).

If all else fails, I can make "The Ukrainian" run out and get one in a pinch, right?

The bottom line, though, is that my mother was able to raise all of us without so much stuff, so maybe cutting corners now wouldn't be so bad.  I mean, we all turned out fine. ;)  This baby already has so much more than we did, and it won't affect the type of person he or she will grow up to be.  Just like my running hasn't really gotten any better... though definitely more pleasant with stuff!


  1. I think I got overwhelmed when we set up our registry at Babies R Us because it "helps" you learn what you need. Holy crap I had no idea what babies can require. I'm kinda more on the minimalist side too (with exception to a sweet running stroller), and our crib is a hand me down from 20 years ago with the side that slides down which apparently is "illegal" now. But we all survived it, so...

    Good luck! Sounds like you're on the ball way more than we were/are. Seriously where does time go?

    And I need a glider/rocker too. They are so expensive I am having a tough time biting the bullet.

  2. The stuff is kinda overwhelming. I let Sean be in charge of the registry and he did a good job with research. However I'm sure there is stuff we were gifted that we didn't use much.

    The glider is one of them. If the one in your post is from BRU then it's the one my MIL bought us. She and FIL bought it along with the car seat and the jogging stroller. I know she would've loved to buy a whole nursery set but we got a dresser and cubby bookshelf from Target. My boss gave us a used crib and some other items.

    We were fortunate to get a few really useful items as hand-me-downs. The stroller that goes along with our car seat (used) came from a friend. She gave us a steamer for sterilizing the bottles, lots of clothes and a nursing cover too.

    Things I didn't register for that we later bought:
    Nose Frida
    Baby scale (not a necessity but it was good for peace of mind about success of BFing)
    Maya ring sling carrier
    Baby Bjorn carrier (we had an older version which was a hand-me-down)
    Bottle dryer rack
    Bottle warmer
    Extra pumping supplies

    What I used most in the early months:
    Swaddle blankets
    Boppy (hand me down)
    Pack n play with changing table and newborn napper - we have a dresser with the pad too but it's too high for me, the PnP one was more convenient
    Rock n play
    Netflix :D
    Swing - used more by Sean and our babysitter

    I didn't use the glider all that much and found it awkward for nursing with the boppy. It is comfy and family liked it to sit in when they came to see us.