Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Core Sport Compression Socks

I'm trying to keep up with posting over here, but just when I think I'm on top of it, I notice that a week or more has gone by since my last post.  Weeks, however grueling at times, are definitely going by!

Speaking of weeks going by, I'm pretty much at the 6-month point of this baby business now.  I had wanted to be one of those pregnant runners sooooo badly, but early on I developed a pelvic joint issue that got so severe that it had to get evaluated to rule out something more serious.  I was prescribed some exercises that I've been trying to keep up with, but they require another person, so it doesn't always pan out. 

On the other hand, it has been hot and humid in this neck of the woods, so I guess running is kind of an unpleasant thought, anyway.  A couple of times, I actually woke up in the mood and in the right mechanical mode to run, which was pretty much amazing.

Some weeks ago.  Very much bigger now.
Of course, although I felt like I was running, it most likely did not look that way to others.  I think I went a bit over a mile before I incorporated walking.  I'm not sure how many more attempted runs there will be.  I do miss it, but not as much as I had anticipated yet I still think of it a lot.  Recently, I pulled my calf in bed, something that running used to do to me.

As another reminder, I was sent some Core Sport Compression Socks by Thera-Firm to review.  After looking at the sizing information, I decided that Medium was the right choice for me.  As a word to the wise, definitely measure your calf before buying compression socks of any kind!!

Some of its features (from here):
  • Graduated compression for better circulation and added support and stabilization
  • High-tech fibers that wick moisture away from the skin
  • Comfort top that stays in place without binding
  • Arch compression for added support
  • Anti-microbial to help prevent odor in the sock
  • Cushioned heel and foot to reduce impact

As with all compression gear, it was a bit tricky to put on, though admittedly I'm losing some flexibility, which could be the culprit.  A little bit of this is due to thicker material, but it does have great compression.  I imagine this would be great for post-race, during cooler weather, and just me trying to keep swelling and such under control (they have a maternity line, too).  As a warning, due to the thicker material, if your shoe is a tight squeeze already, a sleeve might be a better option. 

Approximately current image.
Really like this grey color!

I'm sure my return to running will be entertaining (and frustrating), but you'll have to stick around for that...

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of Core Sport Compression Socks to review and was not otherwise compensated to provide a positive review.

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  1. Your bump is adorable! I've been wearing compression socks too. Oh man are they getting hard to put on.