Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Half of 2014 is over!  Is this even possible?  I still remember writing this post and ducking out of New Year's Eve festivities as soon as possible because I was under the weather.

I did not make resolutions, partly because even though we became homeowners, I had felt so down last year overall, so things could really only go up, right?  Therefore, I'm not going to write about progress like I may have in the past.

So far, I can summarize 2014 with the following:

- Baked bread -- okay, so after March or so, this kind of went down the toilet

- Didn't do a shabby job at Carlsbad Marathon, marathon #15 and probably the last for a while...

- Also didn't do a shabby job at Surf City Half-Marathon, particularly because I was under-trained and relatively fresh from the above

- Won a spa gift card and treated "The Ukrainian" and myself to massages and facials on Valentine's Day, followed by sushi (how I miss those things now!)

-  Followed those up with a very lazy 10K

- "The Ukrainian" picked up the flu, and I was half surprised I didn't pick it up myself, though I had received the vaccine, after all

- Grew herbs and tomatoes! Brown thumb be damned!  Now to get them to be heartier and last longer...

- Went to Big Sur and Monterey for the first time, and did my first 21-miler (and first race in my current condition)

- Got a new nephew and niece!

- Bet on my first horse race and won (something like $8)... also played the lottery many times and only won $1 =(

- Pretty much broke my iPhone downloading one of their updates -- one more month until I can get a new one!

- Been reading plenty... I don't know exactly how many books I've read in these six months, but I'm pretty sure the number is around 20; I normally don't read this number in a year

- Went to visit friends in San Diego (with the usual gluttony) and on a trip across the country, which I will recap soon

- The Kings won the Stanley Cup again, and I went to the victory parade!

- The World Cup came around again, a.k.a., me watching a lot of TV on the weekends

- Of course, the most prominent happening so far in 2014 is my pregnancy, and I am just so grateful for every moment and look forward to including the baby in my recap of the second half of the year! 

- Also, I must say that I'm pretty excited that we're going to see a live soccer game and concert of someone I've been a longtime fan of... soon.

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