Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day 2014

I have to admit that this National Running Day kind of snuck up on me.  In the past, I had a lot more time and energy to properly celebrate this holiday (see 2013 and 2011), but today, the extent of my running so far has been between trains because of delays... again.  I have not done much running since Big Sur, if that counts.

But in spirit of it all, I will talk about running, which is still one of my favorite subjects.  First, I found this Twitter handle this morning, @RunnersandCats, and got such a kick out of the random cats placed in shots of runners.  Twitter has kind of become my "running vicariously" outlet, as I get to see people log in workouts while I'm dogging it at my desk.  Of course, this is a good and bad thing, or maybe this means I need to add more people who are out there dogging it with me.

As for my next race, I'm guessing it will be early next year.  I was counting on an Independence Day race to occupy my summer, but it is not happening this year, which is pretty sad.  With the marathon/half-marathon that takes place in my city canceled as well, I won't even have something to go out and spectate.  Although I've been encouraging him, "The Ukrainian" has no race plans for the remainder of the year and will probably ramp up for Surf City in February, which is around the time the annual Firecracker Run will come around.  I plan on collecting my next medal (a ram!) there.

Finally, I've been lagging behind in reviewing some things because I haven't been able to test them as quickly as I'd like.  Below are some Swiftwick socks that I was sent to review.  The Pursuit line of these socks are long and cushiony.  I haven't been wearing them to run because of the hot weather, but they are supportive and great for other activities, as well.

Below is the Sustain line, which I frequently wear to work out.  I like the arch support, but I find the toe area to be pretty constricting.  With my imperfect feet, this is pretty uncomfortable, so I wouldn't use this for running.  I think it would be great for most people, though, as it is a nice thickness -- not too thick or thin.

The Aspire line is much like the Sustains, except less constricting and slightly less supportive.  Thus, these are my favorites for running and other exercises.  I also love the shocking color!  Overall, if you are looking for some nice new running socks, I'd recommend these!

If you're still reading, make sure you get some miles done today on my behalf ;) today!  I can't believe it's already June.  It feels as though I recently slogged my way through New Years' Eve (because I was ill) and wondered what the year would hold.  Soon, it will be time to assess how I'm doing on my resolutions.  Oh wait, I didn't really make any, but looking back at my first post of the year, maybe I can do an update??

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent samples of Swiftwick socks to review but was not otherwise compensated to provide a positive opinion.


  1. happy National Running Day!!!

    i have a need to keep a race on my calendar in order to keep running in my life. without a finish line to keep me motivated, i just don't do it much.

  2. OMG I just looked at the Runners and Cats Twitter account. I need that in my life!

    I love Swiftwick socks. I just discovered them recently and they're awesome! Definitely getting more (though I've only tried the "Sustain" version).