Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Physique 57 - Volume 2

"Believe in yoursellfff!"  This is the first thing you hear when you pop in one of these Physique 57 Volume 2 DVDs, the three-disc follow-up to Physique 57 - Volume 1.

By now, I've been doing Physique 57 workouts for over a year.  Granted, I was not consistent with it until closer to the end of the year, but due to my lack of gym membership, I have enjoyed them as part of a balanced fitness routine. 

Lately, I've been doing barre exercises more than any other kind.  I've been popping in Physique 57 2-3 days a week, mixed in with some Xtend Barre, Focus T25 (I'm still on the Alpha phase...), Jillian Michaels, or Insanity.

Once again, these DVDs offer a variety of exercises done in small movements to create lean muscle.  Now, as someone who used to gut it out in my running shoes or some kind of intense interval training for an hour a day or more, this sounds totally ineffective, but alas, I think it is.  My glutes and legs look a lot more -- toned, but not in the huge-quad way like I often have been.  I think the biggest change has been in my arms -- they are actually leaner than they have been in a while, without killing myself with cardio (which even then didn't always work).

For these DVDs, you'll need an exercise (yoga) mat, a playground ball (a mediocre one comes with Volume 1, so I use that, but eBay has better ones for cheap), 3- and 5-lb weights (having a set of 8's would help, too), a chair or other stable furniture that's approximately waist-high, and a thick towel (they use a nice cushion that I really want; using a towel isn't all that great).

So I will say now that these three discs are definitely harder than Volume 1, though they are both beneficial and I do both.  These discs offer advanced variations and much-needed variety if you depend on these for your daily workouts.

Advanced Full Body (57 min) - Upper body with 8- and 5-pound weights.  Dare I say it's still easier than the Arm & Ab Booster from Volume 1?  Thigh work, then seat work on the floor.  I actually like this, as you feel the burn, and the moves seem like they can be done when you're laying on the floor, watching TV.  Hah!  The ab portion is tough, but fun.  There is also a lower back segment, which I don't like because I don't like using a ball to leverage myself.

Thigh & Seat Booster (30 min) - I like this one because I know I'm burning a lot of calories (over 200) since you basically spend the whole time working the larger muscle groups (legs) rather than arms/abs.  This one requires some balance, or you can use your chair for balance, which is often what I do!  It is definitely a challenging disc -- not for beginners!

Advanced Full Body Express (30 min) -This is definitely a bigger bun-burner than the first "Full Body Express."  I turn to this workout a lot because it is all-around challenging while targeting everything.  The ab work in this one seems easier than others, but the thigh and seat portions burn a bit more!

FTC Disclaimer: I received these as a personal gift and was not compensated to provide a positive review.

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  1. i love having a few dvds on hand in case i'm not in the mood to run or go anywhere. thanks for the tip!

    where have you been doing barre? is it in a studio or do you do it at home? i got some of the barre method dvds and i like them, but i'm pretty sure i'd enjoy it more in person....