Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Thing About Big Sur...

After what has seemed like an eternity, I will be in Monterey in about 10 days for the Big Sur Marathon!

Except, not quite.

Registration for the Big Sur races opened on July 15th, a Monday morning, at 7 AM.  "The Ukrainian" was at work and registered at that time, while I was at the gym before work.  I got to my desk around 8 AM and immediately went on to register.

The "Marathon" button was greyed outSurely, this must be a mistake?  Some seconds later, I realized that it had sold out.  Argh!

Prior to that day, I had been having some reservations about registering for the full marathon.  I was perfectly content rounding out at 15 and backing off since I was having trouble sticking to a regular training schedule.  I guess the quick sell-out (59 minutes!) made the decision for me.  (I guess had I been prudent, I would have asked my love to register for me, but obviously I did not anticipate this issue occurring -- I read that next year, they will have a different entry procedure, so glad that I'm in for this year's!).

One of my lunchtime doodles -- okay, I was on a phone interview during the time.

I will still be at this race, starting at the 5-mile point.  Yes, that's a 21-miler, folks.  Auto PR!!  This gives me enough slack to run/walk this race, since I am desperately under-trained and wouldn't mind just enjoying the scenery.  I plan on carrying food, water and my phone with me.  Yep, it will be THAT kind of race.  And that kind of makes me look forward to it.  If anything, I am severely burnt out from not taking time off of work since November (I am taking a FULL DAY off after the weekend for this, whoop whoop! [slight sarcasm]).

In the meantime, I'm turning 29 in a couple of days.  My birthday always sneaks up on me these days, and somehow, the prospect of this one is not giving me the "omg, I'm so old" feelings that I used to get.  This could be because I have spent the last few years feeling this way, and well, nothing has changed.  Still, I think this year (as a precursor to my 30s) will be defining in its own right.


  1. happy early birthday! 29 is where i stopped worrying about getting older too :)

  2. Happy almost-birthday! Yikes, six months without taking time off? I hope you got a bit of a proper break for Christmas/ New Year/ Lunar New Year.

    Wait - does this mean you're banditing Big Sur? :(

    I have mixed feelings about banditing - I mean, I think not registering and then running the course, taking aid, taking a medal and finish line goodies is definitely wrong, but if you're self-supported? what if the organiser has paid to close the course and it's a crowded event? (but then I've also run/ cheered the final miles of races i didn't sign up for, with friends and family...argh!)

  3. Just to be clear, no banditing. They have a 21-mile race, too!

  4. It's beautiful there so enjoy the scenery. Looking forward to your recap and photos! I'm super jealous.

  5. Nice drawing. It looks like a menacing Charmander or a dinosaur with a tail flame. Reminds me of the days we used to draw.