Friday, February 7, 2014

Quest Nutrition Bars

Please excuse my tired writing today.  I'm drinking coffee and working on it.  It all started when I could not stop watching the Olympic games last night.  As much as I swore that I don't care for the Winter as much as the Summer games, I essentially watch most sports nowadays, and I couldn't look away.  Plus, I keep laughing at all the #SochiProblems. Even "The Ukrainian" is watching, although understandably due to the sports themselves rather than anything else (though he's apparently been to Sochi).

Anyway, It has been a really long time since I've done a "bar" review.  The main reason for this is because, well, I don't really eat many of these anymore.  The other night, I was home alone and was going to eat a Clif Builder's Bar I had lying around, but it was actually expired.  I didn't bother to check until I realized it tasted a bit off.  Yep, one year past expiration.

However, I couldn't help but pick up a couple of these Quest bars, because the darn thing keeps appearing in the adspace of websites I visit.  I guess those ads work, after all.  I picked up the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (one of my favorite ice cream flavors) and Chocolate Peanut Butter (a common flavor/gauge).

My review:

Overall, I didn't really like them.  The texture is chewy, kind of like Powerbars, without nearly as much of that "artificial" taste, but it was still there.  I know that whey is one of the ingredients, and I think no matter how many times I keep trying to like whey, I can't. 

The chocolate peanut butter flavor was a little bit better, because peanut masks everything.  However, I don't really eat peanut butter or peanuts much anymore, so I wasn't exactly thrilled with this one, either.

Otherwise, at 190 calories and 21 grams of protein, I guess this is a nutritional bargain compared to Clif Builder's.   I would probably eat these again in a pinch due to that fact and would recommend it as a healthier alternative to Powerbars and less sugary version of Clif Builder's.

FTC Disclaimer: I purchased these bars on my own and am providing my honest opinion of them.

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