Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gym Stereotypes

I haven't been to the gym in a long time (since July 2013), so this "Gym Stereotypes" video gave me the worst nostalgic feeling.

I'm not sure if there's a "female" version of this video, but if I were to make one, I'd feature the:

- treadmill sprinter (also in the video above)
- Lululemon devotee
- locker room sprawler: puts out her crud everywhere in the changing area and mirrored areas
- chatty (also in the video above)
- obvious overexercisers: super thin/sunken, marring away at the cardio machines before you get on one, and still when you get off one, never lifts any significant amount of weight (I know this is sad and somewhat insensitive, but I used to see a lot of these in college and may have even dipped into this category for short periods)
- show-y stretcher: stretches (or foam rolls) in an area not intended for that purpose, for a long time, so people can see how hard she's worked
- mirror magnet (also in the video above)
- cell phone addict: uses cell phone while exercising beyond changing a song or something, worse are the full-on taking a call instances and maybe the selfie-taker
- antisocial: doesn't talk to anyone, tries to work out in the corner or least popular machine areas, hoping to just be ignored -- okay, so I made that up... and I was one of these..."The Ukrainian" somehow managed to claw his way through that

While I miss the gym sometimes, I generally like working out at home exclusively.  I'm lucky to have decent weather when I want to run outside, a bunch of workout DVDs, and we bought a somewhat inexpensive mat to help with some of the impact-in-my-living-room issues.  Also, gardening and walking between public transit stops makes for good cross-training.  So far, I'm still mostly fit... and I've saved $300 (plus commuting time to get to a gym) thus far.

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