Monday, January 13, 2014

Marathon Week

It was wayyyy back in June when I decided to sign up for the Carlsbad Marathon.  This seems like a lifetime ago.  I was coming off of my somewhat okay (considering the lack of training) performance at the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon and figured I could pull one last one out before retiring from marathoning for a while.

Since then, I moved, and although training around my new hilly neighborhood was tough, I think "The Ukrainian" and I did okay.  We started vamping up in September, running 10 miles, 12, 15, stepped down a bit, and then took a break when we went on vacation.  Before we knew it, it was December, so we managed to fit a 16 (+ .4)-miler and what was supposed to be a 20-miler that became more like an 18-miler because we both had colds.

Then, it was back to our usual 3-4 mile morning jaunts, followed by "The Ukrainian" getting what I assumed was the flu.

I made egg drop soup to celebrate, erm, rectify, the situation.

Thankfully, I had gotten a flu shot, though I felt a little run down fighting it off and still recovering from the earlier bout.  So there has been very little running around here.  I have otherwise been keeping active, though, with my various videos.

With just six days remaining, I plan on going on a few short runs to get myself used to doing that again.  And eating well.

Homemade pizza (my first time making my own crust)!

In spite of everything, I think I AM ready, as ready as I have been for other races.  I feel like I still have a good amount of endurance, and perhaps some fresh mental energy that comes from not burning out.  As you can probably guess, I don't have any terribly lofty goals for this race, though I do hope to relax and try to enjoy myself as much as possible.  And yes, I'm aiming for about 4:30-4:40, which is dismal but about all I can strive for at the moment.

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  1. Have a good race this weekend! You might surprise yourself. Sometimes when you take things nice and easy it turns out well. Looking forward to the review, I've never ran the full on this course so I'm curious.