Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's a Stretch

I'm not going to write about runners' stretches, though I should be doing a lot more of that post-race.  [By the way, did you see my official photos?] 

Moving around as part of my daily public transit commute has been helpful, yet painful all at once. I'm pretty sure, though, that the only reason I haven't ballooned since my workout time has been cut in half is due to the extra walking I do to get to/from work (and during a part of my lunch break most days).

Daily stretching was mandatory at one of my previous jobs, but some went beyond that.  I guess I was still young and limber (HAH!) and didn't see a need for anything more.  For the past several weeks, I have been doing hourly -- well, almost hourly due to skipping some going on lunch break, stretches at my desk.  While I had been trying to get up often at work, it IS still a lot of sitting, typing, and unnatural positions.  I had lower back pain earlier in the year last year, though that went away after I requested a back cushion.  Still, I was often feeling stiff and slouchy.

The stretches I've been doing come from this publication.  However, a quick Google search of "office stretch Bob Anderson" should get you the one without me reposting it here.

I took the diagram with 10 stretches, pasted it into my Outlook, and have an "event" pop up every hour or so on workdays.  It takes two minutes and has slightly improved my posture and decreased my forearm pain.  I'm sure it helps my eyes get a break, too, but that's a whole other story.

In other news, I started working out again after the marathon on Tuesday, as I was too sore on Monday.  Instead, I cleaned out my closet and threw up a bunch of stuff of eBay.  I've been on a selling kick since I discovered the eBay app and how easy it is to sell stuff using just my phone.  Oh, and I recorded this video of the cat.

I thought it was such a novel video, but it turns out there are a zillion similar videos, so my aspiration to post something viral is dead.

My sister got me got my Physique 57 Volume 2, which I am SUPER excited to try.  You may recall that I started Physique 57 Volume 1 last year, and as I got more regular with it, it's been great.  However, I am sort of waiting for my legs to feel normal again first.  Volume 1 has am arm/ab video that I've been able to do during this recovery period, but Volume 2 seems harder all around.  Review coming later!

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