Monday, November 11, 2013

Year One

Last November 11:

Some quick stuff about our first year of marriage:

This has been a tough year for me, personally.  The first part of the year was all about learning my new role as a member of an additional family, job-searching, acceptance, interviewing, the rise and fall of hope... all that good stuff.  My poor husband for having to hear about it all.  After I finally did find something, it has been a matter of getting used to everything, and it has taken me much longer to adjust than I had hoped.  All the while, we were having our house-hunting episodes where we couldn't seem to agree or really find anything that we could afford, until finally, we got lucky.  Then came moving and adjustment to that situation and worrying about our financial future, which leads us up to now.

But "The Ukrainian" has always been there, even in the times we manage to push each others' buttons.  To be fair, I probably do most of the pushing.

Without being too wordy about things that words cannot describe (or preaching about marriage because I'm definitely no expert), I will simply say that I am so very thankful for our relationship and for every day that we can enjoy it.

Time to eat defrosted cake!