Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween is peskily falling in the middle of the week this year (as will Christmas and New Years' Day, unfortunately), so my sisters' annual costume bash has already taken place.  Admittedly, Halloween (<~ click link for all the other times I've blogged about this holiday) kind of snuck up on me this year for some reason mentally, though I was proactive and planned our costumes as early as I could after knowing what the theme was.  Oh, and I also made my usual Halloween Chex Mix.

I was a bit lazy this year and purchased most of our costume elements.  However, when I couldn't find certain things (at a reasonable price) I had to do a little crafting:

The final product:

The theme this year was "magic," so we were able to piece together a bunch of stuff for "The Ukrainian"'s costume.  It's hard to see in the picture, but he even trimmed his beard in a different way for the occasion.  We only needed to get a robe (Party City) and hat (eBay again, fairly cheap!), since the rest of the ensemble was re-used pieces of previous costumes or crafted out of stuff we already had.

I went the basic route: witch.  Worse yet, I eBay-ed my costume for under $20.  I thought I was being lazy, but luckily, all the girls were witches, so it worked out.  I tried to make my haggard hair look even more haggard by spraying the heck out of it with dry shampoo, which sort of worked, but mainly on the top of my head where the hat was covering it.  Boo!

Before leaving for the party, I had to try sneaking in a picture with this white prop.

Later on, I found a gash in my arm from this encounter, because he'd rather be doing this:

Also, at the last minute (just as the festivities were starting), I managed to carve a pumpkin.  I wasn't sure if I/we would pull it off that quickly, but years of carving experience allowed it to happen.  I didn't even follow all the steps that are typical and free-handed parts of it to save time.  I'm pretty sure I've been carving at least one pumpkin every year since I was 13/14? years old, more recently trying to follow the party themes.  Although I ended up doing a somewhat easier one than originally planned, the streak remains alive!  In record time!

Speaking of pumpkins, that's my niece dressed as a little witch (Kiki).  I think I've given this cutie many mentions on this blog, though this might very well be her first appearance. 

On Halloween night, I plan on staying home to see how many people actually show up to our new home.  I know I've said this before, but this holiday is kind of the first signal of the holiday whirlwind to come.

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  1. That scepter was pretty amazing. I can never find the will to make any part of my costume.