Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Focus T25 - Core Speed

It's been some time since I've posted a T25 review, and there's a pretty good reason for that... probably not as exciting as for some, though.

I mentioned that I'm having a few adjustment issues since moving.  First, running in the morning is now something I can only do with company, since it's so dark out, hilly and uneven, and wild animals are known to be in the area (haven't seen any yet, though!).  I know I could "woman up" and just run on my own with lights and pepper spray, but I don't enjoy running in fear.  The other day, I was running in front of "The Ukrainian," when I started yelling because I had just run thorough a FREAKING SPIDER WEB the size of my body that I obviously couldn't see in those conditions.  I'm used to running through webs, but this one was huge and not something I could easily brush off.  I had the "heebies" until I got home and showered.

The second issue I'm having is the floor.  There is a hairline crack in the ceiling, and the house is not directly on the floor, so there are some shock-absorption issues that make me paranoid that I'll "break" the house if I jump around too much.  So for now, I've been doing barre-type workouts when I'm not running.  Once in a while, I'll still pop in Insanity or T25, but I do it at lower intensity until we figure out how to handle the new situation.

Anyway, the one I snuck in most recently was Core Speed, which is a disc that you can either get separately or thrown-in if you ordered from a Beachbody coach.  I actually met my coach through MyFitnessPal.  This 25-minute workout consists of a few series repeated a few times that increase in speed.  For example, quick jabs, 1-2-3 clap, zig-zag hop, L-squat, up-and-overs, and criss-cross/burpee criss-cross.  You do that a few more times, increasing in speed but for a shorter time.

In the second series, we meet the one-handed burpee.  How is this even possible without breaking your wrist??  I took it easy to save my ceiling and my arm, but basically, the key to this move is having a strong core.  I definitely expected this to not be so cardio-intensive (being a "core" video), but having done so many of Shaun T's workouts, I don't know why I was surprised.  You definitely have to keep holding in your core, even if you're tired.

I probably would have burned a bit more if I could fully exert myself, but I was just happy to try this disc, finally.  It's pretty apparent that I've stepped down the intensity of my workouts, because after something like this, I'm definitely sore the next day.  Truthfully, I haven't even been working out on the weekends anymore, so out of shape, I am.  Once the weather cools down and I find a really good mat or something, I am looking forward to stepping things back up, but I think I will let myself enjoy a less intense period for a while.  I have to say, I rather enjoy the extra time, which is exactly why T25 is so appealing.

I'll eventually get to the Beta workouts!! ;)

Caloric burn (without stretch): 240** (see note above about my intensity)


**Calorie burn measured by my heart-rate monitor and will vary for people based on their gender, body composition, height, weight, and a plethora of things, so take it lightly!!

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  1. Lol, I remember the first time doing T25, my main thought was "WHATTHEHELLISTHISOMGIMGONNADIE!" Howeverz, I redid this workout today, as an Insanity Max 30 appetiser (I have the time for two-a-day workouts now, so I'm making the most out of this time). While the workout was still plenty exhausting, it felt a lot easier compared to Max 30.