Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Home is Where the Food Is

In spite of my lack of cooking posts, there has definitely been plenty of it around here.  A strange new place feels more like home once you start making food in it!

In those last couple weeks before we moved out, there were meals like this:

Wild Planet Foods lemon sardines.  Very convenient and tasty on baguettes and lower in mercury than other canned fish!

One of our wedding gifts in action!
In those last weeks, we were making a game out of cooking with whatever we had in the pantry.  I think I baked a batch of banana-date scones with whole-wheat pastry flour that was starting to go a bit south.  I've been back at it again.  I really love my kitchen. =)  It's not big with an island, but it's clean, and somehow we manged to fit everything in spite of less cabinet space.  Perhaps I'll post more detailed photos someday, but I really love that I can plug in my appliances everywhere, and everything wipes off easily.  We wasted the first few weeks just eating rice and salad, until I starting feeling comfortable.

I made bread again.  I've been making it a couple of times a month, usually just using the food processor.  The results have been variable since I can't seem to decide what I really want in the end.  The first time I made it in the new place, it came out pale and sunken.  Thus, below is a photo of the time before that -- my favorite so far because it had a nice, soft texture.

As alluded to in many recent posts, I haven't really been working out much on the weekends anymore.  Not that I haven't been doing other things, such as riding my bike, hiking, and yard work -- but those things allow me just a little extra time in the morning to make breakfast.

Got any crepes?  Eaten with too many Ikea jams.
Had one too many brown bananas and quickly threw together some vegan banana pancakes using the first recipe I found online.  Topped with more Ikea jam.

Lastly, dessert.  I've made these grain-free pecan "shortbread" cookies from this site a few times and am getting better results each time.  I think they key is getting them thin.

Silpat baking mat making an appearance again... was also another wedding gift!  Best thing ever!

Also, these blueberry oat bars have made a reappearance.  I used leftover (unpasteurized) pomegranate juice from the farmer's market for the juice and a mixture of frozen berries that I had on hand instead of blueberries.

I've also made vegan lasagna, various rice dishes, and a few other things that didn't make it to the camera.  Not bad for the first month.

In a time of transition, cooking/baking is comforting.  With our housewarming and holidays(!) coming soon, I definitely have my work cut out for me.  I just procured a candy thermometer, so this should be a fun holiday season.

More later!

FTC Disclaimer: I received a sample of Wild Planet Foods to try but was not otherwise compensated to review the product in any particular way.

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  1. I love how you can tell you've got a Ukrainian in the household by these food choices :) everything looks amazing, especially the pecan cookies!