Friday, September 20, 2013

Five in a Row

I ran five days in a row this week!  The last time anything like that happened was more than a year ago, when I was on a business trip that didn't require me to wake up at 5:15 am every morning in order to fit a workout in the day.

This "mini-streak" was "The Ukrainian"'s idea.  As I've mentioned, it's too dark, hilly, buggy, wild animal-y and uneven to run alone in the mornings.  Morning is really the only time I have without counting on myself to go on a run when it's hot out after work and after wearing heels all day and often standing on the hour+-long commute home.  It just wouldn't happen, and the evening chores don't do themselves.  So I only run when "The Ukrainian" says he'll run with me in the morning, which had gone from once or twice a week to three times a week... and this week, five times.

We basically ran the same path daily, which is somewhere between 3.5 and 4 miles.  When time and exhaustion don't give me excuses on the weekends, we run a mile or so more, a little later so it's not as dark and I can actually enjoy the views rather than fear every rustle and keep my head looking down for cracks in dark crevices.  This is not a lot of mileage by any means, but the majority of it is uphill, particularly in the ending parts.  Beyond the challenges listed in the paragraph above, it had been hot and humid a lot of this summer, even that early in the day.  By the time I'd be climbing those final inclines, I'd be huffing and puffing like a contestant that just started on The Biggest Loser.  At least, that's the first image that popped in my head as I was struggling not to heave.

As we've been running more, I feel myself struggling less.  Perhaps it's because it has actually been in the 60s instead of the 70s in the mornings lately, or maybe.... I'm regaining some of my fitness?  I sure hope so... because as you can see from my sidebar, there are a couple of races in my future that seem practically impossible right now.  I'm pretty sure I've even slimmed down ever so slightly, which is an indication to me that I haven't been working out hard enough and need to figure out how to do that in the new dwelling.

While running five times is nothing to gloat about to some (many?), I'm hoping it will be a turning point for me.  Now that the weather is just starting to be a bit merciful, I'm hoping I can do some longer runs on the weekends and since I won't be given more time on the weekdays, I can consider those "speed work."  Well, that and running several blocks to catch the bus home.

It's the small steps that add up???

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