Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Case of the (Morning) Runs

First morning run in the new (hilly!) neighborhood.  No peacocks this time -- only a cat.

Armed with my Garmin, "The Ukrainian" showed me some of the ground he covered when he went running the afternoon before. The run was supposed to be short and quick, just to familiarize ourselves with our new surroundings.

It was around 5:30 AM, as dark as you'd expect, and somewhere in the first mile, I avoided some uneven paving only to hit an abnormal bump... abnormal in that it was on top of the uneven part, about the size of a really large grapefruit. Rolled my ankle... and had to limp around for a while... but after a while, I was generally fine.  This isn't the first time I've rolled my ankle on a run, but this one definitely hurt the most and scared me a little.  I expect it will be sore for a day or so.

In our last mile, the Ukrainian kicked a small uneven portion of the sidewalk as we were going up a long uphill.  I have never seen him take a tumble before (I certainly have taken many), so I freaked out, but even with his bloody knee, he assured me he was fine.  I feel guilty, because I know that if he hadn't been running with me, he would have run differently, and this wouldn't have happened. =(

Once the most injurious(?) 2.57 miles of our lives were over, I demanded a wound-wash, pulled out the first-aid kit (which we thankfully brought over in our move just the day before), and did clean-up duty. 

I definitely need to adjust to running a longer route.  Four miles is about where I max out in the morning due to time/safety constraints, and in the evenings, I often get home too late (and tired!!).  Hopefully, this will get easier.

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