Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rosemead 5K

EVENT: Rosemead 5K
DATE: Thursday, July 4, 2013
LOCATION: Rosemead, CA
RACE BEGAN: 8:00 am 

This Fourth of July 5K was not supposed to be in July -- it was originally scheduled sometime in February, but they moved it to the summer.  Although I hate running in heat, I actually think it was a good move.

The race was put on by the same folks as Pasadena Marathon, which is kind of a coincidence, since last weekend, "The Ukrainian" and I cheered on the course on what was a very tough day for both the race coordinators and the runners.  (I won't mention specifics, but all I can say is that Google knows everything.)

Anyway, I've never done a holiday race before, and so I've also never done a race on a day that's not Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  These days, I get up so early that making it to an 8 AM race was almost like sleeping in... so sad.

Here's the lovely shirt!  It's cotton, but hey, that's what is expected.

Packet pick-up was easy and quick.  I believe this is the last race that will have me under my maiden name, since I registered for it before marriage.

Here's the start/finish line!  When we came around to the finish, they moved everything back to create more distance.  Tricky! ;)

The course is a loop around the northern part of the city.  There was a water station at around Mile 1, and then we looped back.  5Ks are not something I do very often, but I appreciated being able to be done.  Due to the building heat/humidity, I wanted to run this at about 8:30 pace, since it's not like I've been running a lot lately and didn't want to push too hard/weave around a lot.  Plus, 5Ks are so hard for me because I tend to burn out over the course because I naturally can't hold myself back too well.  I think I've gotten better over the years, but still.

Mile 1: 8:17 -- whoops, too fast
Mile 2: 8:10 -- whoops, even faster

I started to slow down after that, as there was no more shade and a gradual uphill.  So I never got a Mile 3 time, and that's because it ended at 2.96 miles.  Wah (although at the time, the end coudn't have come any sooner!!).

I was the 5th female to finish overall, and although this is an inaugural small-town race, there was still a pretty good turnout, so I'm going to take it!  "The Ukrainian" finished 9th overall (8th male).

Besides being a short 5K (WHEN will I get to post a new 5K PR??!!!), they did a really great job making it "feel" like a legitimate race and keeping it feeling like a community event.  I liked watching the kids run/tot-trot, as well as seeing the whole town supporting inspiring athletes in crutches.  I also appreciated the water, apples/oranges/cookies/snacks at the finish line, and even a group of port-a-potties, even though the park ones were available.

I would definitely do this race again! =)  I can't wait until the benefits of my track intervals kick in, and then maybe I won't struggle so much during these 5Ks anymore!


  1. Congrats on 5th place, awesome! My favorite race is on Thanksgiving... It's a fun way to start a day of eating :-).

  2. My friend has been wanting to race me again ever since I beat him at the Santa Anita 5K. This race was one I was thinking about doing since I was going to be in town for the 4th, but I was already registered for the Scripps Ranch 30-mi bike ride. I wonder if the course was similar to the one we ran when we raced Rosemead in HS.. oh well, congrats on placing!