Sunday, July 14, 2013

Focus T25 - Alpha - Total Body Circuit

The third video (but second disc!) in the Focus T25 program is called Total Body Circuit.  If you've already scrolled down to the end of this post, you'll notice that the calorie burn is a little less than the other workouts I've reviewed so far.

Why is this?  Well, there is more upper-body work in this one, so you're not really jumping around as much. Also, if you're anything like me, you will probably need to take micro-breaks, so there's a missed-out calorie burn there, too.

Yes, unless you're super strong or super focused, you might need to take a breather once in a while during the upper body circuits.  That's because Shaun has you in a plank position for what feels like a long time, doing plank walks, plank walks to push-ups, shoulder-taps, and shoulder-taps to push-ups.  It's definitely rough!

Not everything is upper body, though.  There are quite a few squat series in this video.  From sprints > squats to squat 180-degree turns to burpees, your quads will definitely "feel it" (he says his phrase a lot in this series, I notice!).  Again, thank goodness it's "only" 25 minutes!!

The stretch portion at the end (again, optional) was slightly longer this time, maybe 3 minutes.  I really liked this one because he has you pull against the stretch first and then relax, which made me feel it MUCH more deeply.  Definitely going to incorporate those into my post-workout stretches from now on!

One thing I'm noticing a lot from doing these T25 videos is that my legs/glutes feel the after-burn all day, which probably (and hopefully) means something good for the metabolism.

After doing this video, I threw in P90X's Ab Ripper X again.  I like to do something after these videos, since I like to keep my workouts to around 45 minutes at minimum, and the thought of Insanity's Cardio Abs intimidates me since it involves jumping, and after T25, the prospect of any more impact seems daunting.  After T25, I honestly don't think there is a need to do anymore cardio -- that's kind of the point of this program.  However, the perk is that I can fit in some abs/strength training that I often don't make time for on a normal basis.

Caloric burn (without stretch): 219** 

**Calorie burn measured by my heart-rate monitor and will vary for people based on their gender, body composition, height, weight, and a plethora of things, so take it lightly!!

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