Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Focus T25 - Alpha - Ab Intervals & My Review of the Program So Far

When I saw the title of this next Focus T25 disc, I was wondering what kind of workout this would be, since I had been used to a lot of cardio in these workouts. A "miniMat" is required for this workout, though "The Ukrainian" and I just used our yoga mats.

The 25 minutes begins on these mats, so immediately, I could tell this particular video would be different from the others. The two main positions that we were in a lot were plank and v-sit. If you've done Insanity's Cardio Abs before, some of the moves will be vaguely familiar, but they are actually quite different... and much more prolonged. For example, there are low planks and pulses, but then you quickly flip over and do some leg taps in a v-sit position. Also, there is a (seemingly) long section where you jack up your arm and leg to meet, but your head is up the entire time. My noggin is heavy, so this burned!!

 After getting to a point where your abs feel like they can't take anymore, he has you get up and do some "cardio recovery," which actually does feel like one, though you still have to engage your abs. You'll sprint and squat, while focusing on your core. This also helps up the calorie burn for this video.

Finally, there is a section that works the back side of the core. If you've ever done Supermans, prepare to REALLY feel the progression Shaun starts based on this move... wow.

Again, there is a 3-minute optional stretch, though I haven't been skipping these because frankly, they feel GOOD after these workouts.

You'll notice the lower calorie burn, and it's obviously because this is a more ab-focused video.  The schedule tends to place these workouts on "double" Fridays when you're doing two videos, so don't fret.  =) Since I'm not following the schedule yet, I just followed this up with resistance band and kettlebell training; I usually will do an ab video, but that's totally unnecessary after this workout. ;)

Although I've been doing these videos sporadically with my normal workouts in between (running, Insanity, Nike Training Club app, elliptical, etc.), I have definitely noticed some toning in my legs and abs, though it could be due to a cleanse I was doing -- I WILL review it soon, really!!  I'm sure following the prescribed T25 nutrition plan would produce similar results.

Beachbody offers a 30-day return period, so I had been holding onto the box in case I change my mind.  However, I'm getting to a point that I believe I don't think I will change my mind... these workouts are awesome and pretty much remove all my excuses for not working out.  Equipment?  Generally not needed.  Gym?  Nope.  Too tired/sore?  Follow Tania's modifications.  Not enough time?  Hah, not an excuse here!

For those of you who are new here and found my blog through a search, I am NOT affiliated with Beachbody in any way... I'm just a normal person who commutes two hours a day for work at a stressful firm and has to squeeze in exercise in under an hour a day.  I have gained fitness over time but am not naturally fit -- I have flat feet, disproportionate proportions, sloped shoulders, a need for eight hours of sleep per night, and a major sweet tooth (though obviously working on that part).

Caloric burn (without stretch): 143** 

**Calorie burn measured by my heart-rate monitor and will vary for people based on their gender, body composition, height, weight, and a plethora of things, so take it lightly!!

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  1. insanity was just wayy to intense for me, I guess maybe if I wasn't doing marathon training too. this sounds like it might be doable!