Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TevaSphere Speed Shoes (and Discount Code)

A while back, I was contacted by TevaSphere to review their Speed shoes, which are intended for running in more rugged terrain like obstacle courses and trails.

My first impression of these shoes is that they are light, yet still stabilizing.  It's definitely a change from all the bulky running shoes that I'm usually wearing, regardless of terrain.  Also, gotta love the bright colors!

From their website:
  • Our TevaSphere outsole uses a spherical heel with two support pods to give you lightweight minimalism without sacrificing stability.
  • A nylon shank keeps the foot stable and in control.
  • Our Spider365 rubber is made to grip like crazy in wet environments.

The shoes were sent to me along with a bunch of other goodies, which definitely prompted me to go on a hike!  Although I've done a couple of trail half-marathons and a mud run, I'm usually more of a road-running person, so getting me out there is an accomplishment.

Here is the camera they sent me to film my adventure, the GoPro Hero 3.  It is mountable and comes in a waterproof case.

So we hit up the local trail in a group about 12 in size.  The shoes held up really well!  The trail that we took was moderately challenging, with plenty of ascents, descents, and stream traversing.  The TevaSphere shoes were a bit grippy, which made me feel really stable even though I am not experienced in hiking.  I felt light on my feet, unlike when I'm in my clunky running shoes that can easily roll my ankle in conditions like these.  There were points in which I was jogging slightly, and it felt really good!

Also, at one point, I did get the shoes wet, but they dried completely, very quickly!

Here's some footage from our day.  I am holding the camera until I passed it onto "The Ukrainian" to cross the log.

Our reward:

Going on this little hike actually inspired me to go on more hikes (and trail runs!) in the future, wearing these shoes, of course!  Also, if I ever do an obstacle race again, I think I would definitely wear these since they are so good at staying light and relatively free of water.


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FTC Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of this product but was not otherwise compensated to provide a positive opinion.

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