Monday, June 10, 2013

Adidas Crazyquick Running Shoe

Due to flat feet and other issues, I need to wear stability (or motion control, ideally) shoes when I run, and while I have found one that is relatively light, it does have some clunkiness when I'm using them during shorter runs or other workouts.

Perhaps that's because I need a different shoe for short runs and other exercises, so I was glad to try the Adidas Crazyquick Running Shoe, which became available on June 1.

From their PR:

"Crazyquick features a never before possible, skin-like fit with a stretchy Techfit upper that provides the most natural run.  The Techfit stretches in areas where your foot needs extra flexibility and the Aquatech print provides support exactly where it’s needed. The outsole is split down the middle allowing for quicker horizontal movements."

First of all, love the color of the shoe (it comes in a few colors, too)!  I don't get to wear colorful shoes very often, and it really just puts an extra pep in my step just to see how awesome these look.

More importantly, how do they feel?  In a word (and a qualifier), quite comfortable.  I was concerned that these don't come in wide-widths, but it is flexible enough to accommodate the (weird) shape of my foot without being squishy.  I also didn't feel any huge chunk of shoe under my "lack-of-arch," which often bothers me during anything I do that's not running.

As expected, the shoes are light and make me feel fast.  I often feel so clunky in athletic shoes, most likely because my feet themselves are a bit clunky.  However, these give me flexibility in my step and don't make me feel like I have bricks tied to my feet.

While I can't really see myself wearing these on long runs, they are definitely better for quick movements, like when I do Insanity, or when I'm going for a brief run.  They also aren't bad for wearing when I go out!  Hah, maybe I'm becoming one of *those* people who uses exercise outfits as street outfits, lol.

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of these shoes to review but was not otherwise compensated to provide a particular type of opinion.

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