Friday, May 24, 2013

Lucy Pack N Dash Ultimate Tank and Capris

Hi, everyone!  Apologies to anyone who is offended by my lack of posting. ;) 

I will admit that my schedule has limited my social media and blogging presence, though I think the deeper cause was that I just didn't have anything interesting to share.

I recently was able to review a couple of items from Lucy's activewear, particularly their "pack n dash" line.  I have heard of the Lucy brand and seen a couple of stores in some malls, but this is my first time seeing their items up close.

The "pack n dash" line is for runners and comes with all sorts of interesting features for them -- holes in the front of the tank for easy bib-pinning.  In addition, the tank is adjustable (see the draw-strings) and comes with three pockets in the back (for gels and the like).

The capris have three pockets -- one on each thigh (sort of like jeans), and a zippered one in the back.  It also has these sort of belt-like loops that will help keep a belt pack (like an iFitness belt!).  The calf part is kind of tight on my calves, though, due to the material.  Maybe it's my naturally large calves or the stiff material, but it was a little uncomfortable there, and also in the crotch area (haha).  Stretchier, softer materials are usually my preference.  Plus, I found the article itself to be a bit heavy, though I imagine that makes it really sturdy!

Overall, these are stylish and quality pieces of clothing that are probably great for most runners.  I find the fabric a little thick for my liking (I tend to overheat easily), but I'd definitely wear them for less intense workouts, shorter runs, or even for fashion, lol.

And with that... I'm running a marathon this weekend -- raw, unmotivated, and rather undertrained.  Expect to see me back here pretty soon!

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent these items for review but was not otherwise compensated to provide any particular type of review.

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