Monday, April 15, 2013

Watching Boston Marathon

It was just a few days ago that I wrote this post, as my sister was getting ready to head to Boston for the marathon.  Once the tracker said she finished, I moved away from my phone, only to find out later that there was some sort of attack at the finish line.  I had a huge sinking feeling but knew that I wouldn't find out anything until my sister was able to get to her phone/a computer, so I waited.

Thankfully, she, and other family members who had traveled with her, is/are fine.  Yet I still have this deep feeling of sadness for everyone -- runners, spectators, volunteers -- whose days were pretty badly dinged by this incident.

Why someone would want to hurt people while they are in the middle of accomplishing a dream, an athletic feat, is beyond me.  Then again, why someone would want to hurt innocents at any time is always beyond me.

Some people out there today didn't get to finish their dream marathon.  Others might never get to run in the same way again. 

Marathoners, and the running community at-large, can sometimes be competitive and rude in starting corrals, but in times like these, they are some of the most compassionate flocks out there.

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  1. Very glad that your family was not harmed in this attack. Thanks for posting. And yes, runners are good folks, you said it right. Take care.