Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review: Itzy Ritzy - Wet Happened? Bag

Where do you store your smelly gym clothes when you're on the go?

My sister reviewed this bag a while back, though at the time, I was pretty happy just stuffing my "used" gym clothes in plastic bags until I got home and then airing out the bag before re-use (yes, I re-use things to the point of no return, including plastic bags).

Now that I commute by train to the gym daily, I have decided that plastic bags aren't really the best storage anymore.  What if sweat leaks into my giant turtle-shell of a backpack?  What if it smells terrible?  All legitimate concerns, right?

So I "splurged" on Amazon for this bag (they come in different sizes), and I've been using it for a month and a half.

My sweaty gym clothes go right in there, and after a couple of weeks, I usually throw it in the wash.  However, I've noticed it does not accumulate odors over time.  So far, I haven't experienced any leaks, smelled anything bad, or had really any issue with it whatsoever... and... it's environmental.

Supposedly, this will even keep on-the-go diapers contained... not like that's pertinent at this point, unless I wind up taking my niece out somewhere.

I intend to use this for bathing suits and other such "wet" things, and I know it will work well.  No more plastic bags for me!  I may get the snack-sized bags....

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  1. LOVE wet bags! I have two for our cloth diapers, but I never thought to use it for gym clothes. Genius.