Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pro Compression Socks Review

I purchased these (on Active GearUp) for $25, which is half of the conventional price.  Having seen a lot of buzz about this brand, I decided to get a neon green pair.  If you’re new here, green is my favorite color (even if I have to settle for neon shades of it).  I used to have a green cell phone and laptop, but these days you can still see me with a green iPod case, Nalgene bottle, and commuter tote bag.

As you can see, I wore them to LA Marathon (to go with the St. Patty’s Day “green” theme).  It was not my first time wearing them, as I had done a few training runs in them.

I like the tightness, which is very similar to CEP’s (the Zensah argyle one I have is not nearly as tight, though I still use it).  What I don’t really like is that it seems way too long for my calf.  I have to fold the top seam down, and then pull it over my knee when I get tired of that.  I think this may had adversely affected my calf during LA Marathon, but I will never know for sure.

Overall, I do like these, though I think I will be using them for recovery from now on due the the length issue.


  1. I have that same problem with almost all of the compression socks that I own. Have you found any that you don't have to fold over?

  2. I see these all over the blogland but hesitate to spend the money to try them because it seems like everyone posting about them are doing sponsored posts. I only wear CEP because they are the tightest on my calves and long lasting. This was helpful!