Saturday, January 26, 2013

Track Repeats, a Decade Later

While I've been doing a whole lot of running over the past six or so years, I haven't *really* been back to the track.  Once, I did 14 miles on one as part of a long run...  And other time, I walked around one for 15 or so miles, as part of Relay for Life

In fact, these were all on the same track -- my high school's. (As I've mentioned, my running started in high school when I joined Track and Field).

Eleven years ago!
I don't like purposefully driving anywhere just to run, unless it's a race.  This is probably why I don't really go to the gym often, unless I'm already en route to someplace else.  And that's what ended up happening while visiting my parents.  While I come by every week, it's usually later in the day or after I've already done some other workout.

With my Garmin finally back in action lately, I took to the track with a simple goal of doing six quarter-mile repeats, with a "rest lap" in between.  I'm almost embarrassed to post my times, because not only am I extremely rusty at running in general... but my personal best for this distance is actually 1:02, more than a decade removed.

1 - 1:48
2 - 1:45
3 - 1:46
4 - 1:39
5 - 1:35
6 - 1:38

This was HARD.  First off, it was kind of raining during the first three intervals, and the track was wet from the night before.  By the end of the first interval, I didn't want to do anymore, but I had to silence the wimp in me.  

These were definitely not my best effort.  I felt myself slowing down at some points, even though I am pretty sure I could have maintained my speed.  I think I am no longer used to "full-throttle" and need to strengthen that mind-body connection that will push me through those times when I otherwise would pull back at the first sign of fatigue.  And somehow, I actually improved as the laps went on, sort of.  After the last two, I had to catch my breath and not vomit by the end of them.  As soon as I finished, it suddenly started to pour.

I do want to do this more often, though I specifically came out because I have a 5k in a couple of weeks, and my current pace is slower than slow.  Although not impressive (in distance or speed) by some standards, this was a mind-strengthening experience that really did make me feel spent.  I went to the gym afterward for the first time in a long time and could barely handle lifting weights that used to be easy for me.  Gotta work on that, too, I suppose.

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  1. I agree, speed work is difficult! Great job on your repeats.

    It is funny how it seems easier to run a long distance that it is to run short distances quickly!