Monday, January 7, 2013

Northwoods Inn Purple Cabbage Salad
Sometime last year, I went to Clearman's Galley for the first time.  I have lived pretty close to one for ages and wondered when I'd get to eat in a restaurant shaped like a boat.  Next door to "the boat" is a Northwoods Inn, and from what I have gathered, they serve similar food.

The fare at "the boat" is not exactly health food -- wings, burgers, greasy cheese bread, and this cabbage salad that somehow manages to be unhealthy because it is OILY.  I was totally grossed out as I realized my takeout box of this stuff had leaked oil all into the plastic bag it was in (thank goodness!).

However, since it WAS a tasty dish, I decided to re-create this salad, and it has now made its way into my regular rotation.  I used an online recipe, with the main modification being that I use a whole head of cabbage instead of half.  The result is a less-oily salad that will last quite a while since it is essentially pickled.  Definitely allow it to sit at least overnight before eating.

As a note about preparation, I've tried using both a food processor and my own chopping for the cabbage, and honestly, the difference in effort isn't really much.  You still need to butcher the cabbage head in quarters to get it into the food processor, and then you have to wash the darn thing and put it away.  The chopping actually goes by fairly quickly, and I don't find that the food processor chops it better than I do (which isn't all that perfect!).

I usually eat this alongside grains or faux meat, though it is a lot like sauerkraut in terms of its versatility (hot dogs, anyone?!).  A modest portion is definitely enough.

P.S. I believe "red" and "purple" cabbage is the same thing..........

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