Sunday, November 11, 2012

Legal (and a Poll)

They told me that I would find the right person, someday.

I didn't think such a person existed.

Or that I even wanted to find anybody.

Or if I found that person, that they would find their 'right person' in me.

The idea of marriage was so elusive and not fitting for me, but after we gave each other a chance, it seemed like the most natural and compelling path.  Forget all the formalities that must happen today and in the paperwork leading up to (and trailing!) it -- I just want us to stay by each others' physical and mental sides as long as our vessels will allow.

Details of the day will be posted sometime later.


~ Mrs. Julie D. R.

P.S.  Here's my poll... what should I call my husband (whoa, that felt weird to type!) on here?

A) "The Ukrainian" -- (unchanged) I have called him this due to a Sex and the City reference, and it kind of just stuck.  By no means am I alerted by his origin, because to me, he's just, well, him.

B) "Husband" -- (or some variant... "Hubby," "Hubz," "DH," etc.) Because I don't really feel like posting his name up here all the time.

C) Some semi-non-identifying abbreviation -- e.g., "A" or "A.R.", "Mr. R." ???

D) ?????? -- suggestions are welcome.... perhaps the winner will get my non-existent garter belt mailed to them, hah


  1. Congratulations!
    Continue to call him "Ukrainian".. That's how we know him, so no reason to confuse the issue.

  2. Congrats!! Looking forward to hearing about the day.

  3. Congrats! Hope it all went off without a hitch, or at least minimal hitches.

    I say continue to call him the Ukrainian.

  4. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations to you and the Ukrainian - I vote don't change. Super happy for you both.

  5. My wife generally uses "hey" as my name. It's worked now for 26 years! Congrats to you and hubby!